The NBA landmark 75th Anniversary Season tips off Tuesday on TNT! #KiaTipOff21 #NBA75
7:30 PM ET: Nets @ Bucks
10:00 PM ET: Warriors @ Lakers

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  • bbasore1

    Uncle Carmelo

  • Feona Sang
    Feona Sang

    So effortlessly!

  • Brian Philip
    Brian Philip

    With his left hand as well 🤯

  • M Y
    M Y

    Hornet #21... You are such a ball hog... 2 open players on the weak side and you decide to go to the rim. OMG 🤦‍♂️

  • Normie Normie Normie
    Normie Normie Normie

    I'm sorry guys; women play-by-plays just don't do it for me.

  • Mario Escobedo
    Mario Escobedo

    Keep coach Woke, the organization is gonna go broke. Bad attendance.

  • Jak Hammer
    Jak Hammer

    Why? Why BOTH of ya'll cain't be happy with the HALL? Charles? Sir Charles you're a 3 who stepped up so strong in the paint? You BANGED with the BEST 4's. Flash you should know BETTER. Age GRACEFULLY. BOTH of you. I'm out.

    • Jak Hammer
      Jak Hammer

      Look at BOTH of dem tryna do Akeem's dream shake? Awwww? Ya'll both is precious! It's only one Olajuwon. ✌

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez

    Caruso is Chicago blue collar!bring the old ass lakers!!!!

  • Maurice H
    Maurice H

    So fast the announcer doesn’t even know how to call it. ✊🏽 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The Chosen One1
    The Chosen One1

    Jason Kidd was an amazing passer was just like a magician

  • russell westGOAT
    russell westGOAT

    @4:47 since when can you skip on a euro step?

  • EPIC chanちゃん
    EPIC chanちゃん

    Epic Shots !! 🤩👍✨🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Jahred Martin
    Jahred Martin

    thats why Doug having big mins because of his game hope to see big Jock played next game

  • ryan joseph tatel
    ryan joseph tatel

    Young Knicks surely will an impact this season 💯

  • Artemus Sanders
    Artemus Sanders

    #21 from the hornets won't be playing anymore 😂 he was so selfish on the possession there was 2 guys open and he just ignored them trying to get a highlight

  • Kat Dc
    Kat Dc

    warriors bench always owns the 4th qtr! WOW!

  • Sergio Montoya
    Sergio Montoya

    forever a 🌹 fan

  • Barefoot Jones
    Barefoot Jones

    I have to play it for the dog to go to the vet

  • d k
    d k

    Lets be honest he needs to cut his hair

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    Flight should sue the NBA

  • Jefrey Lupul
    Jefrey Lupul

    I'm sorry, what's so great about this? I'm not a nets fan, please give me insight?

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    Caruso, Lavine, DeRozan

  • Lyfeshort🤣alittle

    Buzzer beaters will have you feeling like you just saved the world from an apocalypse.

  • Juan Pantaleon
    Juan Pantaleon


  • Joalcas Payne
    Joalcas Payne

    That was prime wade if this vid was 12 years ago then Barkley still hang'in around the court

  • TheClcngjc

    The Great one. A Legend lives on in our memories...💖

  • Urbain Delva
    Urbain Delva

    We already know what to expect from the Nets. If the Timberwolves can stay healthy and consistent, they'll be solid.

  • JaKE C
    JaKE C


  • borges23

    2021/22 season is over before it's started, mark my words!

  • Some Random Shorts
    Some Random Shorts

    NBA: We'll implement a new rule against Steph and the likes of him. Steph: And I took that personally.

  • Unfuckingbelievable Guy
    Unfuckingbelievable Guy

    Terrible resistance from Anthony Edwards made this play so easy.

  • Hidden Secrets
    Hidden Secrets

    How many years does Rose have to be good for the NBA to stop talking about him like he just had surgery and its his first game back?

  • J W
    J W

    Miami is holding onto udonis like a charity case. I get their “loyalty to family” culture, but come on, He’s basically a statue

  • Pamplona Pamplona
    Pamplona Pamplona

    Too big, too strong, too fast, too good

  • Scaramuch Will you do the Fandango
    Scaramuch Will you do the Fandango

    Haslem playing dice on the sideline

  • LISA G.
    LISA G.

    Stephen is d'best ever avid fan here since 2015❤❤

  • Wutbitch 420
    Wutbitch 420

    Primo baby, GSG!

  • Rich Hawk
    Rich Hawk

    That’s practice rite there you can tell

  • rick jennings
    rick jennings

    The dry ray peroperatively flash because computer disconcertingly peel into a xenophobic crime. impolite, snotty locket

  • Jahred Martin
    Jahred Martin

    this play by play commentator makes me excited watching BUCKS game, hello CELTICS and PISTONS make some move replace your sleepy commentators please

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The nifty children methodically wrestle because store partly decorate by a various judo. noxious, vulgar roadway

  • Dogon SS
    Dogon SS

    "He was already in the meeting" 😆😆😆

  • Thomas Albaladejo
    Thomas Albaladejo

    What a game

  • Kat Dc
    Kat Dc

    mosses moody as rookie is on fire

  • Vincent Roi Tan
    Vincent Roi Tan

    Maraming susunugin si Tyler Herro this season.

  • Lebo

    This boy 🔥

  • Paopao Halob block
    Paopao Halob block

    Naa ra gihapon ang moves sako idol vah wala ra gihapon nawala go idol

  • Paopao Halob block
    Paopao Halob block

    Nice game

  • Terry Gyimah
    Terry Gyimah

    Ja Morant dunk was disrespectful 😤

  • Scopa

    HOF Slithery Finisher Badge & Quick First Step

  • Ira Gregory
    Ira Gregory

    Warriors are going make problems for the west

  • SinisterMud


  • Johnschan


  • Kat Dc
    Kat Dc

    WOW! Curry, are you human? #foreverwarriorfan

  • Nathan Schroeder
    Nathan Schroeder

    Kemp was and is one of the most explosive players to ever play around the rim.

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The obnoxious almanac affectively spare because land habitually collect alongside a enormous pizza. economic, even excellent excited clam

  • Angel Angeles III
    Angel Angeles III


  • The Artist
    The Artist

    easy for him! :-) Nice idol. More games

  • ugh ugh
    ugh ugh

    davis mad as FUCK in that thumbnail

  • mariliz remolano
    mariliz remolano

    I don't care about other super teams in the nba but chicago bulls will win this Season

  • Enkel Trik
    Enkel Trik

    Ouch ankles.

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now

    My take from this game is that Memphis is good and they’re just what the Bulls needed. A young athletic energetic team who gave them their toughest game of the preseason. Don’t get me wrong I love blowouts but we needed to be tested and Memphis did just that. They’re actually a carbon copy of the bulls except for 1 thing. Veterans leadership. If their GM was smart he noticed how every time they took the lead we never worried bc we have guys that’s been doing this and known for getting buckets and they didn’t. Also let me say this. I was super wrong about signing AC. I thought he was going to be the same AC I saw in LA. The not so good spot up shooter decent defense occasional fast break dunker. This AC is out there making plays and being way more assertive. This guy is exactly what the Bulls need and I’m loving it. My bad AC, I was wrong. Now let’s stack these W’s and give these haters stank faces. Let’s Go Bulls!!

  • Gameville

    Bro I swear I cry tears of joy when I see how hyped the warriors bench gets everytime Steph makes a play

  • shyboyfso

    I'm amazed at how Carmelo is even older than LeBron everyone talks LeBron age alot. Carmelo is 7 months 1 day older than LeBron. Carmelo birthday is just early May 29 almost middle while LeBron December 30 obviously very late.

  • Inferno Dragon
    Inferno Dragon

    Enjoy the preseason wins Knickers... That'll be the most celebration y'all gonna get...

  • Prentiss Brown
    Prentiss Brown

    Dwight needs to be starting man at the center

  • Unprecedented New Normal Social Distancing
    Unprecedented New Normal Social Distancing

    Back when the Clippers were likeable.

  • Chris Covarrubias
    Chris Covarrubias

    qf897éßßmçlg692om 9h

  • Michael Hudgens
    Michael Hudgens

    It's nice to these dweebs getting smacked

  • Elysian_x

    Bulls looking scary fr🔥

  • Anthony Besid
    Anthony Besid

    wow Lakers benches performed better than their Allstars 🥴🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Ali 🐐
    Ali 🐐

    We miss you goat 😞