PJ Tucker Game 6 Postgame Press Conference |

  • Angelo Williams
    Angelo Williams

    He on lol

  • jonathan deleon
    jonathan deleon

    Love you pj you deserve it gave so much to Houston 🙏🙏🙏💯. Enjoy brother

  • Ps_ Savage
    Ps_ Savage

    Old man

  • Jay T.
    Jay T.

    Pj,Jrue,Brook,Pat. All the bucks players. THEY DESERVE IT ALL!!!!!💯 Maaaan! CONGRATS GUYS!!

  • Vinyll_Scratchh

    So happy to see the heart and soul of the 2018-2020 rockets teams win a chip.

  • Colin Bennett
    Colin Bennett

    If not for giannis pj is definitely my favorite player on the bucks

  • jj baller
    jj baller

    You def aint gonna believe this shit hahahahaa this dude has no filter and I fucking love it!

  • Life Coach Jesse
    Life Coach Jesse

    PJ beat his former team in the Finals and elite players in the playoffs in CP3 and Harden.

  • Deepan R
    Deepan R

    Pj Tucker overrated, he didn't do any fucking thing in the bucks

  • Alyssa Bigus
    Alyssa Bigus

    how about jeff teague in the background tho!!! LMAO

  • Windkante

    Champion, Finals MVP in Germany 2012 and NBA Champion 2021 😊👍 Every contender needs this kind of player to win. I'm glad he did it! ✌

  • cacaf

    Chris Paul is the ultimate point guard because he made everyone around him better. Most of his ex-teammates all have rings.

    • Smoke Jensen
      Smoke Jensen

      Gtfoh... Paul is all hype ...cocky.. not a top 20 pg

  • Dominique Garner
    Dominique Garner

    Happy P.J got one.Years of grinding paid off #bigdawg

  • Franco Anthony
    Franco Anthony


  • Mike Ellis Jr
    Mike Ellis Jr

    Had to coo a jersey

  • intimissimi88

    I remember when he played in my country germany for bamberg and became the mvp... what a story

  • Despicable sean
    Despicable sean

    James harden punching Air right now 😆

  • Johnny Miranda
    Johnny Miranda

    PJ must be feeling so much better with this Bucks title. He moved on and help erase his past Rockets nightmares. The Bucks passed every round with PJ's former Rocket teammates. He is the one who snapped the Rockets' 27-straight 3-pt misses in 2018 WCF G7 while CP3 was watching it on the bench and Capela not playing his best, and Harden/Ariza missing all of those 3-pts in the 2nd half. His defensive presence to KD's infamous foot-on-the-3pt-line GT-shot in 2nd Rd G7 is the reason why the Bucks led to become champions.


    Come to HOLON !

  • RicoSuaVe

    Rockets fan here. I'm happy for you, PJ! You deserve it, bro.

  • bren226

    So happy for this dude, worked hard and caught his break with Giannis

  • 414 MurkG
    414 MurkG

    Everybody on this team deserved a ring

  • grace porquez
    grace porquez

    PJ tucker is game changer..

  • oridniv

    His voice🥰

  • Art Imp
    Art Imp

    Pj is such a gritty tough defender. No anger, no showtime - tough, and can shoot 3s!

  • Carl For President Anthony
    Carl For President Anthony

    Congratulations PJ!!!

  • Full Bud
    Full Bud

    “Hi it’s Bobby from 101 underdog”😂😂 fuckin Bobby

  • Andrade Almas
    Andrade Almas

    Sneaker King got his ring 💪. PJ Tucker got a ring first than all of his Houston teammates. Let that sink in.

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James

      Well Ariza already had one, but yeah its insane how that happened

  • Arnold Ramos
    Arnold Ramos

    PJ Tucker pulled a Kuroko and beat his past teammates lmao

    • Pirate J
      Pirate J

      Haha! Well he joined the right team, but milwakee is like that kuroko's team haha

  • Platinum Askari 7112
    Platinum Askari 7112

    Raleigh stand up.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Congratulations PJ

  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech

    He’s got a ring before James Harden and CP3

    • Franco Anthony
      Franco Anthony

      Harden will never get a ring.

    • Que Jayy World
      Que Jayy World

      That’s if they get one

  • Rayborn Whites
    Rayborn Whites

    Hooke em baby

  • Queued

    Pj took too much champagne before that post interview XD

    • Smoke Jensen
      Smoke Jensen

      Those are tears

  • The truth shall set Bronsexuals free
    The truth shall set Bronsexuals free

    Man was really waived from Houston, signed by the Bucks and wins a chip with Harden's enemy lol

    • Baller Doge
      Baller Doge

      he wasn't and wouldn't be waived, every championship team needs a guy like him

    • Ohh Yeah Yeah
      Ohh Yeah Yeah

      He got traded

    • Dirty School Clothes
      Dirty School Clothes

      He was not waived, was traded for a 1st round pick/DJ Wilson/DJ Augustin

    • Rayborn Whites
      Rayborn Whites

      He wasn’t waived tho.

  • MrJrock1989

    Congrats to da Raleigh NC homey!

  • Alex Janisse
    Alex Janisse

    PJ’s the only one to mention Donte missing so far

  • Alessio Tornatore
    Alessio Tornatore

    Whats all this shit with the goggles ?

    • Alec Fischbach
      Alec Fischbach

      Because alcohol drinks were flying everywhere in the locker room

  • Niic lol
    Niic lol

    Man nearly played the whole game and scored 0 POINTS 😭😭😭

    • GSX-R Ghost
      GSX-R Ghost

      Lol! You Casual af to even say that about PJ. 🤡

    • The truth shall set Bronsexuals free
      The truth shall set Bronsexuals free

      His goal is not to score but to defend

    • Jerrlle Davis
      Jerrlle Davis

      Plays hard defense all game so who gaf

  • Νίκος Φ.
    Νίκος Φ.

    This guy is a legend man...

  • jimijackson

    The refs treated him like shit. Congrats pj

  • Adande

    I remember when he played for the Raptors in 2017 beat Milwaukee in 6 now he's with Milwaukee 4 years later and wins a championship congrats Tucker 👏🏾

    • Adande

      @Ryan. Dre yes did I make a typo well you wanted me to say the 2016-17 season is that the answer you looking for 🤔

    • Ryan. Dre
      Ryan. Dre

      2017? Stooooopid

    • Alyson Mohr
      Alyson Mohr

      @Adande daaaamn ur hair running from ur face homey

    • Adande

      @Alyson Mohr go look at the Raptors roster in 2017 and who they played in the playoffs that year in the 1st round and I'm not and never will be a Milwaukee fan

    • Adande

      @Alyson Mohr lol you sound like you don't have any sense 🤣😂

  • Mr. Meaner
    Mr. Meaner

    PJ Tucker knows he bout to get fined for those diamonds in his shoes. 🤣

    • David Cusma
      David Cusma

      Plus, it's not the NFL.

    • David Cusma
      David Cusma

      I don't think those are his game shoes.

    • Super23kicks


  • suns_mixes

    Pj tucker has no skill and has all the shoes he be getting free rings from different team

    • marrissa boss
      marrissa boss

      o please he work

    • Ding Ding TV
      Ding Ding TV

      you dont watch basketball often, do you?

    • suns_mixes

      Stfu u middle aged man LMAO

    • joão paulo gomes
      joão paulo gomes

      Sthu and swallow that L

  • Mazzzy

    boy took 1 shot shot, and missed, played 36mins with 0 points

  • kyrie irving
    kyrie irving

    Trippie Redd just won a championship

  • Scott Chow
    Scott Chow

    Man, hoping he would flex with the “diamond” kicks. Cactus Plant Flea Market dunks..?

  • Jesus Cervantes
    Jesus Cervantes

    Am i the only one hearing Metta WORLDPEACE..?

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life

    If u can make it pass Harden Iso ball you can do anything

  • Ryno Quebral
    Ryno Quebral

    Playing center paid off

  • Floyd Vincent John Gamino
    Floyd Vincent John Gamino

    Well deserved win for PJ, his defense really made a great impact on the game, not just in the finals but in the entire playoffs.

    • Jesus Antaya
      Jesus Antaya

      Big pick up for the bucks

    • Elina Natvik
      Elina Natvik

      @jared_theboss10 cap???😭😭😭

    • jared_theboss10

      @Elina Natvik cap

    • Elina Natvik
      Elina Natvik

      @jared_theboss10 defense wins games

    • jared_theboss10

      He also played 36 minutes, scored 0 points and went 0-1 😐

  • anrie

    Tucker battousai slashing to his former teammates lvl1 to lvl5

  • Virgilio Elago
    Virgilio Elago

    his very happy he has a ring already

  • Jacob 24-7
    Jacob 24-7

    0 pts 0-1 fg still a champion though 😂

    • Abroj Cooks
      Abroj Cooks

      @Jacob 24-7 now your stalking its scary how no life people nowadays have theirs, by fooling their own.. just like perk said carry on be the best on being a fool 😂😂😂😂

    • Jacob 24-7
      Jacob 24-7

      @Abroj Cooks you even edited your comment and its still horrible get your life together

    • Jacob 24-7
      Jacob 24-7

      @Abroj Cooks its not even being a grammar nazi you Dont make sense its not even readable

    • Abroj Cooks
      Abroj Cooks

      @Jacob 24-7 hahaha if you want to be an english nazi never go social... I have no responsibility to make you better.. only fools correct grammar and spelling on social, if you cant understand a simple comment go hide your trolling life upon yourself..

    • Jacob 24-7
      Jacob 24-7

      @Abroj Cooks i had a stroke trying to read your comment focus on yourself before you say someones making a fool of themselves

  • Eljo Chavz Channel
    Eljo Chavz Channel

    The team has a nice pick of PJ

  • muhammad tiza
    muhammad tiza

    PJ Tucker just defeat his former teammate starting 5 in Houston Rockets from first round until the finals: 1st round: Trevor Ariza (Miami Heat), 2nd round: Harden (Brooklyn Nets), ecf: Capela (Atlanta Hawks), Finals: CP3 (Phoenix Suns).

    • george marco
      george marco

      @Mamba Mentality i dont think anybody claims pj is better than all those guys..

    • george marco
      george marco

      @KD well if you'r so sure (and assuming you'r a nets fun). i can imagine them sweep one team after the other till they finally be the ''champs"!!! how proud will that "achievement" make you feel? that i cant imagine.

    • J.J Jameson
      J.J Jameson

      Call it a revenge tour

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo

      We did it tucker!!!

    • Ryan B
      Ryan B

      @Logical-thinker fair-weather All star

  • Brother Nature
    Brother Nature

    Pj is 36 what a story✅

  • Tim Kruse
    Tim Kruse

    teague got a ring too lol

  • Tim Kruse
    Tim Kruse

    mans beat all his former team mates throughout the series lmao, PJ deserved this

  • Jan Mat
    Jan Mat

    bro pj is a champion

  • J Aye
    J Aye

    Harden crying rn

  • derrick bartlett
    derrick bartlett

    Congratulations PJ u deserve u bro bro

  • Joseph_Stalin

    Ummmm jrue and pj defensive anchors gonna get the BAG

    • matisha hopkins
      matisha hopkins

      Jrue already got the bag. Well worth it!

    • Economy Of Thought
      Economy Of Thought

      Jrue been got the bag. He resigned.

  • οἶνοψ πόντος
    οἶνοψ πόντος

    Teague in the background lmao

  • H DG
    H DG

    Pj won a championship before cp0 Westbrook and obviously harden 💀

  • Harold Mulingtapang
    Harold Mulingtapang

    Well done PJ. All the hard work paid off.

  • Fusionn

    Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on winning the 2021 NBA Finals. Congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo on winning the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. Well deserved!

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson

    Harden mad mad LOL

  • Chuckie Miguel Bacolod
    Chuckie Miguel Bacolod

    i thought they just spray the champagne all over and not drink it. apparently PJ drank most of it

    • sugar lv
      sugar lv

      Yeah he really did

  • Sebas Tien
    Sebas Tien

    Hall of fame PJ 👑

  • Steve Blesson
    Steve Blesson

    Very clever, visionary and passionate guy. Bravo PJ 👍🏾

  • Rajkumar Raghuram
    Rajkumar Raghuram

    esonlines.info/zone/lXazuI-0va-YrrM/v-deo is an analysis on Game 6 of the 2021 NBA FINALS between the Bucks and the Suns

  • Alan Anchondo
    Alan Anchondo

    Mans looked faded asf out there😂

    • J N
      J N

      Well deserved

    • Smoke Jensen
      Smoke Jensen

      Those are tears sir

  • Shaquille O’Neal
    Shaquille O’Neal

    Bro PJ Tucker has won a ring before Paul and Harden

    • Aaron Moes
      Aaron Moes

      @Arizona Fire Ent he got big time rebounds and helped wear down Booker and CP3. He was a bigger part of the rotation because Donte got hurt but definitely made his presence felt.

    • Ryan B
      Ryan B

      @It's only Me I was truly shocked about the two shootings. I assumed a dozen or more would of happened.

    • Ryan B
      Ryan B

      That's like comparing apples 🍎 to 🍊

    • Angelo Sanderson
      Angelo Sanderson


    • BallingIs MyHobby
      BallingIs MyHobby

      Thats what happens when you perfect your role. You're gonna find yourself in a position to win.

  • Brandon Hernandez
    Brandon Hernandez

    Got a ring before James harden haha

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange

    Good job pj

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