馃棧 They Gotta Call Me Champ! - PJ Tucker |

  • a_collection_of_cells

    Tucker had to get his ankles break by Devin Booker in order to get his 1st ring

  • King Snow
    King Snow

    Bebado no bagulho...

  • Keuleee DC
    Keuleee DC


  • 888L

    Tucker played 40 minutes and scored 0 points! ehehhehehehehehehe

  • Susie Herring
    Susie Herring


  • Sam Sabino
    Sam Sabino

    Dude Really beaten his 4 Houston mates this postseason lmao

  • D.M.E S
    D.M.E S

    *Rockets starting five reunion* Tucker: *y'all better call me CHAMP* Ariza, Chris, Cappela, and skillful Harden: 鈼廮鈼

  • Iordanis Perdikidis
    Iordanis Perdikidis

    PJ Tucker has more rings than CP3 and Harden combined...

  • 5thGen

    Harden punching air

  • Rahul Gogna
    Rahul Gogna

    This is only jrue鈥檚 first year!!! He鈥檚 still adjusting and the team chem is only going to get better

  • R B
    R B

    I love PJ Tucker馃槝

  • NoLimitFlacko

    Call me champ with one point, for sure bud 馃ぃ馃挭

  • bg23allday1

    Yea P lol 馃棧 this dude all hustle Im happy for him fr I can tell he really wanted it

  • Pablo Saucedo
    Pablo Saucedo

    James harden punching the air rn馃槀

  • Lucas Nelson
    Lucas Nelson

    This man dropped 5 fouls in 26 minutes with 0 points in game 5 馃え


    Zero points pj tuker was shit

  • Travel With Clem
    Travel With Clem

    They can call me what they want BUT THEY GOTTA CALL ME A CHAMP!!!!

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    0 points tucker please be quiet

  • Dev Harden
    Dev Harden

    Giannis gave everyone a ring

  • Yakub Irkilmez
    Yakub Irkilmez

    P Champ Tucker

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    After all the bumps and bruises this man endured nightly because of Mike D'Antoni's small ball lineup, I am glad he got a ring.

  • anthel canilao
    anthel canilao

    like rodman, he understands his role. well deserved ring.

  • Charles Lalawigan
    Charles Lalawigan

    Okay, CHAMP.馃挭馃挭馃挭

  • J.Bizzay Tizzay
    J.Bizzay Tizzay

    Waiting on the championship based sneakers he'll be rocking and posting

  • Michael

    Yes sir Champ 馃

  • biggy biggy
    biggy biggy

    Harden Capela Paul Westbrick gonna call him a champ.

  • JossehRivera

    The GIANNIS vs Harden who's better narrative should stop now, we all know Giannis is better, he gave Pj Tucker a ring and Harden cant

  • JossehRivera

    Call him a champ Idc if he scored 0, he deserve it

  • Lactobacillus Protectus
    Lactobacillus Protectus

    Torrey Craig's the real winner here

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life

    If u can make it pass Harden Iso ball you can do anything


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  • Azurim Galindo
    Azurim Galindo


  • Gre3k Freak
    Gre3k Freak

    The champ!

  • xfreefaith

    just running around for 26 mins with 0 pts (can鈥檛 blame em)

  • SouSou No Frieren
    SouSou No Frieren

    James Harden and Cp3 : "Okay Champ"

  • Melvin Justine Gaviola
    Melvin Justine Gaviola

    James harden is proud馃槀

  • MrRoyalwalker

    Dat part glad to see it all them suns d riders 馃槀馃槀

  • Apollo Creed
    Apollo Creed

    Milwaukee Bucks champions 2021 only with help of God!!! Praised be God!!!

  • humm

    He Yo tucker You wildin again! I love this guy. Just check his background story. He know how o win title. He has definitively seen it all!. I'm so happy for him

  • Koo Noo
    Koo Noo

    PJ getting his ring. While Harden is getting a nice shiny bracelet in Paris with a Mug shot! Hahahahha


    瑟 薀岽忈礌岽 岽浭溼磭 散岽準 岽嚿瘁磭蕗散蕪 岽徤 岽勧磸岽準岽.岽勧磸纱散蕗岽岽泂 岽勈溼磤岽嶀礃隆


    Hell yea let鈥檚 go bucks 馃馃馃

  • Toni Sigabalavu
    Toni Sigabalavu

    This dude.. Scored a whopping 0 points but came up with big plays when it mattered. The epitome of playing your role. Congrats champ!

    • Dsda

      lol fr my man had 0 points in 36 minutes

  • Rodney Johnson
    Rodney Johnson

    Pj happy for ya man leaving Houston seems you got the last laugh I wonder what harden is saying just saying your turn harden get well

  • Corona Patrol
    Corona Patrol

    Tucker got the typical oldhead voice

  • SIL3NC3 _Tempo
    SIL3NC3 _Tempo

    bro he scored 0 points in 36 mins he don't deserve it

  • HADES Music
    HADES Music

    Toronto is so happy for this guy

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart

    PJ tucker sit down some where

  • Duggy Tha Duggster
    Duggy Tha Duggster

    Talk that talk Tuck!! 馃槅馃憡馃徑馃馃徑馃寢馃棧锔忦煈戔彴馃弳馃拲馃鈥硷笍

  • Newbie YT
    Newbie YT

    He beat rodman,,a champ that scores 0,,馃ぃ馃ぃ

    • Newbie YT
      Newbie YT

      @TnecniA Gnah don't 馃槶馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

    • TnecniA Gnah
      TnecniA Gnah

      Bruh lol he knew his role on the team. He was literally brought onto the team to play defense against the other teams best scorer. He didn鈥檛 need to score when he had other great scorers around him. You dumb for clowning him. If you making fun of a millionaire than the joke is on you 馃槀

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    PJ > CP & Harden

  • Homeless to Greatness
    Homeless to Greatness

    PJ Tucker is an anime protagonist.

  • Special Sike
    Special Sike

    Mark my word bucks would not have won this without pj

  • butter fly
    butter fly


  • H DG
    H DG

    Hes one of my favorite roll players ever and its insane how he won a championship before his ex teammates cp Russell and obviously James 馃拃

  • Brandon Mendez
    Brandon Mendez

    This dude got his ring before cp3, harden, Westbrook, capela yo this is classic馃槀

  • FBI AGENT 02
    FBI AGENT 02

    CP3 and Pj Tucker proved that they were not the problem hahaha. Take that Harden, next thing you know Westbrook will also make it to the finals lol

  • Khoa Do
    Khoa Do

    PJ has more ring than Harden and CP3 lol

  • Jimmy Buckets
    Jimmy Buckets

    whats the song in the background

    • Israel R Macklin
      Israel R Macklin

      Drankin n smokin

  • Anthony Stubbs
    Anthony Stubbs


  • Dexter Recto
    Dexter Recto

    PJ Tucker is a great role player for the Bucks. He defended multiple guys like Butler, Dragic,KD, Collins, Bagdonovic etc. Well deserved championship.

    • Akihisa

      @Woronto Waptors Not their fault they fragile lmao.

    • Macoy Neh
      Macoy Neh

      @Woronto Waptors lmao

    • Eternatum

      @Woronto Waptors you know how fucking stacked the nets were, also even if they won nobody woulda cared, and they dont know how to stay healthy

    • Karthik Gowda
      Karthik Gowda

      @Woronto Waptors the another reason bucks won the championship is because Bucks were healthy

    • Rahul Gogna
      Rahul Gogna

      @Woronto Waptors so the nets need Kyrie and James to beat Giannis???? KD isn鈥檛 enough for u? Blame Kyrie and KD saying they don鈥檛 really have a coach because Nash should鈥檝e called a timeout before KD chucked up that air ball. Ur defo a bandwagon casual lmao. Giannis and their team chemistry is only going to get better lol nets will get beaten again

  • Sahawi Hadjirasul
    Sahawi Hadjirasul

    That's good 4 me Bobby Portis help the Bucks goodly馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿

  • Justin Guo
    Justin Guo

    james harden rn : 馃懞馃懞馃懞馃懞

  • Aahil Hoque
    Aahil Hoque

    Next up on ESPN james harden gets traded to the bucks and lebron ain鈥檛 happy

  • Jone Manuel
    Jone Manuel

    The Antetokounmpo brothers are champs now. Each has a ring now.

    • Crab Boi
      Crab Boi

      It's Alex turn next

    • Quan Loves Gaming
      Quan Loves Gaming

      Well the ones in the league lol

  • ZirgaPedlis

    He deserves it

  • sunhicks5

    I absolutely love what P.J. said... 鈥淐all me what they want but they gotta call me Champ!!鈥 And even better with the background music!! 馃憦馃従馃憦馃従

    • OnMyGrizzy 2
      OnMyGrizzy 2


  • Jone Manuel
    Jone Manuel

    Chris Paul will retire ringless馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • YED

    F James Harden

  • Snake turtle
    Snake turtle

    Pj tucker has more rings than harden. That crazy but when you have Giannis, khris, etc. you gonna win a ring

    • prime time
      prime time

      @Fiyin1 you know damn right if Kawhi was still with the Raps Bucks wouldn't be shit..... but ya Congrats to the bucks

    • Craft

      I mean Harden had Kyrie and KD

    • Unknown Informant
      Unknown Informant

      You mad salty.Jrue and himself changed the dynamic of the squad. Adding more depth and improved versatility to the lineup. Don't try and discredit his contribution, the dude is not Jared Dudley ffs

    • Fiyin1

      Well he had Harden and CP3 and didn鈥檛 win it. Goes to show Giannis is at a different level.

  • forbes iOS
    forbes iOS

    My man beat Ariza, harden, capela, and Paul to get this w

  • Hold this big L
    Hold this big L

    congrats PJ, fuck harden and CP0


    Krazy the final boss was CP when the boss before that was prolly the most difficult. Good shit PJ

  • MidWest Ent.
    MidWest Ent.

    Got a ring before cp3 and harden that's tuff

  • digonto zahid
    digonto zahid

    Pj tucker beat all his rockets teammates in each round lol

    • Josh Wallace
      Josh Wallace

      Ariza and the Heat Harden and the Nets Capela and the Hawks CP3 and the Suns What a run.

    • humm

      @TANGTYLER Yes the Suns gave him a chance to integrate the NBA. Before that he was playing in Germany ^^. It was actually a very good choice from the Suns but back then the team was not there yet. Crowder is the closest to his profile (1 to 1)

    • Kyle Denson
      Kyle Denson

      @Shaun Cameron wow that is hilarious 馃槀馃槀馃槀


      And he player for the suns early in his career

    • sunhicks5

      Yes!! He got his ring now!! Congrats!!馃憦馃従

  • D岽嘙瑟岽勧磱岽囀 D岽嘡岽忈储岽纱 鉃
    D岽嘙瑟岽勧磱岽囀 D岽嘡岽忈储岽纱 鉃

    Pj is lowkey a cool ass uncle at a cookout

    • eggz


  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    They ain鈥檛 gotta call u nun except for corner sitter 馃槀馃槀

    • Anthony Edwards
      Anthony Edwards

      @George Jeffery Chill I been playin 1 season 馃槀

    • George Jeffery
      George Jeffery

      Still got a ring 馃拲 an u will never rookie lmao 馃ぃ

  • Bosco Bos
    Bosco Bos

    This man worked the hell hard

  • Wilson Morales
    Wilson Morales

    Smokin on That Suns Pack Tonite

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    Harden gotta see this

  • Elite Exposure
    Elite Exposure

    Pj Tuckers the only player to beat an ex teammate in every round of the playoffs from his Rockets days. Ariza Heat rd 1, Harden Brklyn rd 2, Capela Hawks rd 3, and Cp3 Suns in the finals.

    • Quan Loves Gaming
      Quan Loves Gaming

      If I ain't mistaken didn't he play with Booker for a bit too? He did. He started with the Sun's.

    • DigaFX

      a Clean sweep

    • 浣

      they should make this a 2k storyline or else I won't buy

    • ana marie sagarino
      ana marie sagarino

      Legend comment

    • aMaze Ed
      aMaze Ed

      Lmfao this is legendary

  • Fern

    Divicenzo with his scooter. lmao

  • mike Panthermike
    mike Panthermike

    James harden must be in tears now.

    • Jonah Cannon
      Jonah Cannon

      Everyone over exaggerates their beef tho, they both took a shot and that鈥檚 it

    • S_AME

      @Shaun Cameron at least Harden has Westbrook's shoulder to cry on. lol

  • Kgwal


  • MkayDokee

    mans got carried

    • C

      @MkayDokee saying 鈥渟ussy鈥 is kinda sus

    • MkayDokee

      @C ayo thats kinda sussy

    • 630 Tech
      630 Tech

      @C pause 馃ぃ with his d on kd

    • C

      i hope youre trolling. he;s the reason they won the first two games against BKN. He single handedly won those games for them with his d on KD.

  • Demetrius Hilliard
    Demetrius Hilliard

    Pj deserve his credit Brook Lopez as well 馃挴

    • a100percentReal

      First Lopez comment after searching for one! That dunk was Viscious on Ayton! 馃挭馃弸锔忊嶁檪锔忦煢

  • Average Talent
    Average Talent

    Where all those suns fans at counting they money? Imagine losing 4 in a row...馃槵

    • Kgwal

      Looool fax

  • J A
    J A

    well deserve for guarding durant

  • MLG Grogu
    MLG Grogu

    Tucker beat one of his formers teamates every round now that is lowkey badass

  • Mo K
    Mo K

    Lmaoo harden crying his choking self right now, congrats pj!

    • Jonah Cannon
      Jonah Cannon

      All u bandwagon Giannis fans hating are harden rn... they barley even have beef

  • B A
    B A

    Plays 40min and scores 0pts 馃槀馃槀 most overrated player in today鈥檚 nba

    • Jm Rebolledo
      Jm Rebolledo

      He makes devin uncomfortable lmao.

    • Perfect Cell
      Perfect Cell

      To be honest he out there for defense not known for his scoring like draymond but they both more than capable

    • Danny Torres
      Danny Torres

      Aye don鈥檛 be salty, he a role player.


    HAH CP3 = CP 0 RING 馃ぃ馃ぃ Tucker got a chip before Harden and Paul dayum

  • Nigg Naps
    Nigg Naps

    PJ Tucker did nothing 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃樄馃槀

    • Jordi Lakes
      Jordi Lakes

      @Nigg Naps Well if it gets me a ring I'll take it. Even if he gotta average 500 claps a game on the bench.

    • Tyrone

      All he did was foul and complain the whole series cmon, but i鈥檓 glad Bucks won

    • Kgwal

      He was playing good d and made some shots

    • Nigg Naps
      Nigg Naps

      @Jordi Lakes I forgot averaging 40 and fouling out b4 halftime is 鈥渓ocking up鈥

    • Jordi Lakes
      Jordi Lakes

      He locked up kd and booker to get a ring ?

  • NBA Fan23
    NBA Fan23


  • Beetlejuice

    he couldn鈥檛 get one with harden

  • NBA Fan23
    NBA Fan23

    NO PJ

  • Rique G
    Rique G

    The Sneaker King got his ring.

    • Caden K
      Caden K

      @Rique G for real

    • Rique G
      Rique G

      @Caden K D. Booker almost broke his legs 馃槀

    • Caden K
      Caden K

      And his ankles snatched

  • Rius Franco
    Rius Franco

    So This might go unnoticed but I鈥檓 an up & coming Artist worth the listen 馃憘 馃帶

  • GRiZZiNK

    Ik 1 thing. He bout 2 get the best custom made championship sneakers EVER

    • GRiZZiNK

      @Shadow Infinity Gaming gonna look better than the ring lol

    • Shadow Infinity Gaming
      Shadow Infinity Gaming

      They making them rn as we speak馃槀

  • Shaquille O鈥橬eal
    Shaquille O鈥橬eal

    Imagine Tucker winning a ring before Paul and Harden馃槀

    • King CG
      King CG

      welp don鈥檛 have to imagine anymore 馃幆

    • Jonah Cannon
      Jonah Cannon

      @Truth Teller he played 36 minutes and had 0 points

    • Unknown Informant
      Unknown Informant

      @Martin Lannister probably that Carmelo Anthony guy

    • 1700

      @CAMPErDADDY 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀. Definitely not a nets fan who are you tryna be in the convo & shit.

    • Sayaman Melendres
      Sayaman Melendres

      @Im Wachos nah... Not problem anymore...