Deandre Ayton Game 6 Postgame Press Conference |


    Suns needa get another Center that can help offensively and defensively on the court when Ayton is off the floor. That small ball shit don’t work in the NBA.

  • TheBlerd

    Yeah bro this is only the beginning ummmm negative Deandra! dude needs to get in the gym before he ends up like Dwight Howard.

  • Ubsurd 0
    Ubsurd 0

    Get this guy more muscle

  • Στέφανος-Παύλος Βάσκας
    Στέφανος-Παύλος Βάσκας

    DeAndre, you're badass player... Giannis is Giannis, and you still have a lot of time to develop into an even greater center! Good job on the amazing year you had bro! Good luck in the future

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    Kelvin Aigberaedion

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  • Kelvin Aigberaedion
    Kelvin Aigberaedion

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  • RenzNextDoor

    “You know”

  • Wong Kar What
    Wong Kar What

    DeAndre Ayton just turned 23 today and he just made his first Game 6 in the NBA Finals. That's a big deal and he's right it's only the beginning. Giannis taught Ayton a lesson this year just like how Hakeem Olajuwon taught Shaq a lesson by sweeping the Orlando Magic in the 1995 NBA Finals. You think if this Suns team sticks together they won't win at least 1 championship within the next 5 years? Bro they've already proven people wrong a million times already get ready for the next one.

  • A B
    A B

    He is HEARTLESS a straight up PUNK!!! Giannis embarrassed this fool no one expected them to be there?? They had the #2 record in ALL of the NBA!!! They were a heavy favorite Ayton is GARBAGE

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong

    He is a young guy he will get better

  • Illumi

    He's young but wise. He's gonna be really good 👍

  • Akeem Thomas
    Akeem Thomas

    DeAndre Ayton needs to be more aggressive like Giannis. He is practically the same size as Giannis and he is strong too. I feel like it is also because sometimes the hardly utilize him

  • #true2dis #unew2dis
    #true2dis #unew2dis

    D.A. aiight with me.

  • Dra Jackson
    Dra Jackson

    He needs to get in the weight room and put on some muscle for sure!! He got bullied by Giannis as if Giannis was 50 pounds heavier then him.

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan

    I hope he gets real serious in the weight room and intensifies his strength & conditioning .Thats the main thing and shooting & footwork should be a close second. He's damn good for a third year big man and if he does the work he can become great .

  • Oscar Suarez
    Oscar Suarez

    Things to work on in the offseason 1. Work on your shot/post moves/ball handling skills 2. Add more muscle 3. Gain more confidence/aggressiveness at the rim and on defense Love you DA but its time to man up a little and be the player you gotta be for this franchise

  • Tony Louis
    Tony Louis

    I respect Coach's decision to put you 1on1 against Giannis. It wasn't ever going to win this chip but it will be vital in your growth as a player moving forward in your hopefully long career.

  • GOD888SENT888 888demigod888
    GOD888SENT888 888demigod888

    Awwww I feel bad for granny face😕👵🏾😕

  • Ryan. Dre
    Ryan. Dre

    This man is 45 years old

  • Charles

    Coach put him a position to fail. Nobody can guard Giannis 1 on 1, you have to double him and live with the results. If their role players hit their 3's you live with it, but you can't live with Giannis getting 50.

  • Kisembe Namusyule
    Kisembe Namusyule

    Hakeem Olajuwon had a rough Finals in 1986 he lacked footwork, aggression, and defensive awareness. He still had a 40 point game in those finals the point is that DeAndre can grow. Because if you watch those 86 finals on ESonlines you would be shocked to see how Hakeems game developed

  • Playboi Carti's sock
    Playboi Carti's sock

    1:10 he sound like a crackhead

    • Oscar Suarez
      Oscar Suarez

      Lol i laughed when i saw that part in the video


    I wouldn't put this loss on Ayton at all. The he's still very young and he was left by himself against Giannis who is easily a top 3 player, but really also the only player in the league who is both elite in defense and offense. I'd argue AD is up there but AD doesn't have the speed or strength Giannis has. The series loss really came down to Booker and Paul having those critical turnovers at the end of Games 4 and 5. You win either one of those games and the series is pretty much a lock for the Suns to win, but instead, you let the Bucks even it up, then you go down 2-3 with the Bucks going home with all the momentum.

  • Poverty Spec
    Poverty Spec

    Is he wearing a hat advertising a strip club?

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    I really hope he's a Sun for life.

  • Richard Belman
    Richard Belman

    Love this kid, great attitude!

  • Deuce Purnell
    Deuce Purnell

    Expecting big things from him next season!

  • Deuce Purnell
    Deuce Purnell

    He has lots to worn on wasn’t really in the finals

  • Deuce Purnell
    Deuce Purnell

    Yep He showed us a new level this post season but he has lots to worn on wasn’t really in the finals but expecting big things from him next season

  • KD’s Father
    KD’s Father

    Deandre”ya know”Ayton (No hate Btw)

  • Vincent Boco
    Vincent Boco

    I love you idol andry ayton..I Will always support on you.lose or win

  • Lucas S
    Lucas S

    Giannis drops a couple 40 bombs and a 50 burger for the finale and Ayton says it's just like any other matchup 😄

  • Juan Cortez
    Juan Cortez

    Bro choked up

  • Michael Aldersley
    Michael Aldersley

    He has the right attitude, but I wanna see a post game with him and Booker and see who says "you know" more

  • N.o.p 22
    N.o.p 22

    He looks like corykenshin


    He won’t be back to the finals 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Justice
    Jay Justice

    Ayton gotta hit the weight room

  • a guy from nz
    a guy from nz

    Everybody gonna blame CP3 but man Ayton did not show up in the finals (compared to the previous series)

    • skyhawk23


  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Good run Suns we will be back

  • h3ll y3ah
    h3ll y3ah


  • ken juan
    ken juan

    Monty made a mistake going with single coverage on Giannis and now that Middleton and Jrue are champs...that ship has sailed...the wall will no longer be a viable strategy.

    • skyhawk23

      HUGE mistake

  • The truth shall set Bronsexuals free
    The truth shall set Bronsexuals free

    Man's gonna be ridiculous in the future. Of course he was gonna have a hard time playing against Giannis in the finals man

  • RiduFly

    At the same time, you suck

  • Luis Gabriel
    Luis Gabriel

    If he shave his beard he gon look like he's 12

  • Your Fly Is Open
    Your Fly Is Open

    Dude sold hard. Didn’t know what to do with Giannis and was an offensive liability as well. Kaminsky was better.

    • skyhawk23

      Kaminsky was better. Didn't played scared at all and should have been left on the floor alot longer.

  • Dboithesenate Donpablo
    Dboithesenate Donpablo

    He is way to soft. Big. But. Soft.

  • juan carbajal
    juan carbajal

    Hes gotta get stronger and not shy away from contact

  • Reid Smith
    Reid Smith

    Ayton too damn soft...all the talent in the world but needa get tough, get him in workouts with Metta World Peace and KG all summer and develop a real offense game so he don’t have to rely on pick and roll and dump offs for his only weapons on O

  • Mike E.
    Mike E.

    Bruh got no clue how hard it is to have the same opportunity again, and it showed how he played game 6.

    • skyhawk23


  • Papii_666 ‘
    Papii_666 ‘

    Ayton is the only guy I respect on the suns. Guy played really good

  • jr torres
    jr torres

    Now he said beginning hahaha before they’re so sure they going to be champions lol funny guy go home mom lol

  • jr torres
    jr torres

    Hahaha answer question be professional you guys think suns take it all lol I’m so happy bucks win champions Giannis desert ring age 26 Chris Paul never going to win ring lol

  • WSA

    You know🐢

  • whois slade
    whois slade

    hes trash as. hell i wouldnt pay him

  • Boobie Gibson
    Boobie Gibson

    This dude doesn’t have the fire to be great. He disappeared when his team needed him most.

    • skyhawk23

      Didn't see the fire at all

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood

    You got smoked!

  • Zanerz

    He said “you know?” 48 times

  • Derrick Martinez
    Derrick Martinez

    Suns: Played Soft defense. No pressure or traps. No offensive plays or off ball movement... Horrible rebounding boxing out. Bad coaching and roster substitution. .. bucks were a bigger and better better team all around than the Suns..

  • Sammy Biruk
    Sammy Biruk

    he has a great mindset

  • Maurice Collins Sr.
    Maurice Collins Sr.

    DeAndre does have a great attitude and approach to the game, wish nothing but the best for this young man

  • Nico Marrero
    Nico Marrero

    Ya got the mindset deandre, " it's just the beginning". Lets go Sùns!!!!

  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech

    Great attitude man

  • easy assaf
    easy assaf

    I love this dude

  • Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards

    50 on yo dom how it feels should have asked that

  • Jay sam
    Jay sam

    He got all the answers off the court smh... Giannis ended his career..

  • June Alexis
    June Alexis

    I never really paid attention to DeAndre but he a cool dude and humble. He definitely could play basketball. He is thinking the right way from this experience.

  • Chandler Clan
    Chandler Clan

    DeAndre you took it well suns we got next year!!!!!!!!

  • jon t
    jon t

    Its kinda funny to hear him talk bc you forget he really is just a 20 year old kid, love his optimism and glass half full outlook tho. That'll prolly fade the older he gets tho ha

  • The Italian Stalian
    The Italian Stalian

    Perfect mindset to have rn. Young, talented, & experience in the Finals. He’ll be a key component for a future championship team.

    • Blake W
      Blake W

      He’ll be traded all his career. Too soft

  • John Liu
    John Liu

    Is ok sun you guys come short just because few mistakes the sun going work harder then ever before as fan I'm still believe they will champion some days those fucking bandwagon just get the fucking out

  • AdamGotGame -
    AdamGotGame -

    He’s a big time sellout he shows no heart and no passion for the game he cries like a little ass baby everyone always telling him to man up and go act like you’re a pro baller instead of some amateur he doesn’t know how to pick and roll he doesn’t know how to rebound he doesn’t know how to defend suns should trade him for a WNBA center cuz she’ll have bigger balls than he does

  • Quart Purp
    Quart Purp

    Dude seemed pretty nonchalant after getting 50 points dropped on his head. Not only did dude seemed inexperienced, he also doesn’t have a fighting mentality

    • skyhawk23

      That fighting mentality is not what I saw from him in the Finals at all. Kaminsky had more fight then him. He looked out of sorts, timid, and scared.



  • bob bib
    bob bib

    e right the exprienced learn another year under their belt the suns look like they are back on top again

  • Olivia Hill
    Olivia Hill

    The softest 7 footer ever!!

    • Luka Nikolic
      Luka Nikolic

      I've been calling for the Suns to trade Ayton since his rookie season. After Thomas Bryant of the Wizards schooled Ayton I knew he was a draft bust.

  • Olivia Hill
    Olivia Hill

    Trade his ass asap!!

  • Olivia Hill
    Olivia Hill

    Expect a trade he soft asf

  • 1Coolguys

    In it still was a successful for the Suns, because no one expecting them to make the playoffs and be in the NBA finals. In Ayton is right, and no one expecting them to be in the NBA finals. Everyone predicted Nets vs Lakers in the NBA Finals.

  • Vagner Nunes
    Vagner Nunes

    Suns failed so hard They need to inprove a lot 4 games in a row... Mind set is everything

  • Nick E
    Nick E

    Fail. Maybe next year

  • Aquilani

    Yeah lets just be real here. If he did anything on offense Suns probably win the game and anybody who watched the game knows it.

  • Amr Mc
    Amr Mc

    Oldest looking baby face ever.

  • diavoloucraino

    It'll be a great experience for him to learn from - he's clearly got his head screwed on straight and has a lot of talent.

  • Trill Taz
    Trill Taz

    Dude was intimidated by Greek Smfh!! Waited till he got to finals and played somebody physical that he was suppose to dominate to sell out!!! Bridges sell out ass should be up here with em!!!

  • mentalplane

    This dude is going to dominate the NBA in a couple years.

    • Owain Kanaway
      Owain Kanaway

      @mentalplane If his poor play costed Phoenix a championship. What makes you think he's going to suddenly become a superstar in the next couple years dumb ass?

    • mentalplane

      @Owain Kanaway that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. He won't dominate in the future because he's not doing that right now? LOL

    • Kisembe Namusyule
      Kisembe Namusyule

      @ Owain so fucking true and if you’re a team you might 5-7 developing a player that may ultimately end up leaving once they reach their prime

    • Owain Kanaway
      Owain Kanaway

      If he ain't dominating now, what makes you think he's going to be a 1st-all nba player in a couple years? Dandre Ayton is a 1 and done player, he came into the NBA way too soon, should have spent a couple more years in Arizona. He hurt his development coming into the NBA only after 1 year in Arizona. Now he needs 5-7 years to be "good" which is typical of a 1 and done player.

    • Chandler Clan
      Chandler Clan


  • Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins

    I hate to say this but you scary ass hell but I see what happen all six games the refs gave all calls to Giannis but just like they were playing aggressive yall should have did the same and don't care about the refs and it would have shown the refs agenda but you gave up bruh I think and im from atlanta I seen the same cheating mess from the refs

  • Ryu Ken
    Ryu Ken

    Hearing the bucks celebrate must hurt lol

  • WonkaLito

    He is a kid, but looks older than Bill Rusell and Morgan Freeman combined


      And you look like? The type of Jack Ass to get knocked out by Ron Artest in the Palace 😂😁😂😁😂

    • Iambriangregory

      His new nickname is blackenstein you got the same Greg Odem look. He really made himself look bad in these finals he looked worse than mutombo against Shaq. His medical defense was disgusting let no slide by like a bull he didn't have the basic Middle School fundamentals after a hundred games maybe Monty Williams should have coached that up?

  • Knockda 8
    Knockda 8

    I wish he would of shifted and slide with his feet dammnit!!!

  • Miguel Quintana
    Miguel Quintana

    The suns made it because of injures but they lost cause they were trash

  • Kaden Brown
    Kaden Brown

    This man sounds so young

    • skyhawk23

      22 years old

  • ㅋㅋ

    Draft bust

  • JoeMurks

    Giannis torched Deandre this series 🔥😭

    • Thomas Wood
      Thomas Wood

      @JoeMurks meanin it was expected u sound surprised and Ayton still played better than expected

    • JoeMurks

      @Thomas Wood what’s your point .?? He still got cooked on the biggest stage😭

    • Thomas Wood
      Thomas Wood

      DA been 2 how many all star games??


    Told ya he's overrated..🤷‍♂️

  • California Condor
    California Condor

    🏀 They made him leave some of his ⛓️ at 🏠 in Phenix, probably because the ✈️ would have been to heavy to take off❗

  • life as a savage
    life as a savage

    Chris Paul needs to retire the bum didn’t win no banana boat this summer so go to State Farm bum bum bum bum bum

  • ValleySuns

    No defense or rebounds,

  • Michael

    DeAndre need to go to the gym everyday and eat them proteinz. sEcOnD cOmInG oF DaViD rObInSoN -perk

  • Justin Lauer
    Justin Lauer

    At the end of the day, it's just the beginning

  • Bort Smimpsmon
    Bort Smimpsmon

    I like this from Deandre. Take it as a learning experience. He can become an elite big. Some good post moves, some more explosiveness. Future is bright.

    • Ohh

      Not sure he took away the right lessons though...He needs to feel worse about how he gradually shrank in this series and let his team down. Not saying he had to be amazing against giannis but he could've not shrank and been better