Devin Booker Game 6 Postgame Press Conference |

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed


  • Kelvin Aigberaedion
    Kelvin Aigberaedion

    I confirmed a successful transfer of 12,000 thousand thanks Maskoffweb service this lockdown has not been bad after all

  • The Mandem
    The Mandem

    Who's this guy always asking Book about Chris?? 😂😂

  • Clemencia Cons
    Clemencia Cons

    Proud of Booker. He and the boys gave the valley reason to cheer and hold our heads up! They brought our community together. That in its self is not an easy task. God bless you guys and coach Monty!

  • colts nation
    colts nation

    D book man, it's alright, you played your heart out and you gave it your all, but you can't always win them all. You don't get enough credit for all that you do, but I know damn well you are coming back next year!! You are still the mvp in my eyes 👑💯 stay strong brother!!

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby

    Maybe next year

  • Limitless Mind
    Limitless Mind

    There is a lot of finals i got in my life;)

  • zone5breezy

    They lost because they were celebrating and having a damn parade after the WCF win. After they got up 2-0 they were already celebrating in their minds.

    • Cubewhale


  • Omar

    Arizona teams get pooped on Cardinals to Steelers,sun's to bucks😭😭😭😭

  • midrash100

    They have got to feel bad. Up 2-0. They could have won game 4 and again game 5. Booker never showed up in game 3 and game 6. Sad but true.

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    Kardashian curse

  • bren226

    This was a lucky run. Next season CP3 is gone, DA is nice but going to be a star, you gotta get up outta there Book because it's going to be a very long road back to the finals for the Suns

    • bren226

      @El Cucuy player empowerment man! But really though, Book loves his city and anyways I'm starting to think CP3 is going to stay. Not many options for the suns to add players, just need to get better internally. They'll still need a lot of luck next year to get out of the west.

    • El Cucuy
      El Cucuy

      Yea just walk away and give up, thanks for your great advice mr. bren226.

  • AMC_Gaming

    Suns deserved the championship such a letdown now that the bucks won

  • RSL

    Boa u ain’t no Kobe

  • Florinda Galano
    Florinda Galano

    Suns are still best

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Good run Suns

  • Leul Tsegaye
    Leul Tsegaye

    He remembered the one CP3 question after Game 5 "how frustrated are you for Chris?" I wonder what he was thinking right there....

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    There’s always next season. Tokyo will be a great experience for Book. Hopefully this heartbreak will be offset by winning Gold.

    • Mystic

      Watch them unexpectedly lose in the gold game and book get outed of gold medal as well. That’s just how life will mess with you sometimes..

    • Jai Salarna
      Jai Salarna

      Doubt it

  • FEI A
    FEI A

    I think he can learn much experience from this finals match even though he is not baby age.

  • Marley’s World
    Marley’s World

    Good shit book! Great season



  • WastedYears

    This kid has a little attitude that lost him a series..dude has nothing to do with kobe. Yeah he's good but whatever

  • Felix Reyes
    Felix Reyes

    This guy whines after every play when it doesn't favor him. He even learnt and did some antics CP3 makes which are not even basketball plays, some of which are borderline stupid. Kobe would laugh at you doing that shit. Hell of an elite scorer though just didn't come through in the clutch.

    • toshinya-games

      at least learn some turn around jumper

  • Boiray

    Let’s go buck

  • Bernadette Tierney
    Bernadette Tierney

    Shine bright you gave the 2021 championship an amazing series!

  • A C2
    A C2

    All that trash talk and dirty deserve this booker👎

  • FD

    Book is the anti Kobe.

  • Meredith Clay
    Meredith Clay

    i wanted bucks to win but i feel bad for booker of devin

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz

    You would think this reporters can come up with better questions than how does it feel?

    • Joshua Tolliver
      Joshua Tolliver

      Exactly like that is the dumbest question you ask to players on a team that just lost in the finals like they gotta do better than that. I know they wouldn't ask LeBron that dumbass question

  • Tracy Cottrill
    Tracy Cottrill

    What upsets me most is how u beat the Lakers but couldn't beat the Bucks smh. The Suns just need a brand new team period.

    • Tracy Cottrill
      Tracy Cottrill

      @EET FUK No they need a brand new team period, how they get beat 4 times in a row by a team who did a Golden State Warriors move and won by injuring people, is that what they get paid millions 4 smh. Come on now, I wouldn't look at myself in the mirror knowing I got beat like that, it was just basically a sweep smh

    • EET FUK
      EET FUK

      you are many bad years for book and the year he finally makes the playoffs AND the finals and you want to dismantle the team with the 2nd best record in the NBA

  • 神 Shoshan
    神 Shoshan

    Oh man i feel so good CP3 lost that guy is one of most disrespectful players no sportsmanship doesnt acknowledge any players he is just a jealous guy and in sports that karma will come to you

    • Nick H
      Nick H


  • Gilbert Gotfried
    Gilbert Gotfried

    Be a legendary loser -Kobe

  • Gilbert Gotfried
    Gilbert Gotfried

    Book is a loser

  • Derrick Martinez
    Derrick Martinez

    Suns: Played Soft defense. No pressure or traps. No offensive plays or off ball movement... Horrible rebounding boxing out. Bad coaching and roster substitution. .. bucks were a bigger and better better team all around than the Suns..

  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech

    He played great defense on Middleton

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen

    this was Booker’s one chance to get a chip lol he ain’t getting back to the finals again unless he joins a super team

  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech

    Huge fan of Book


    Team USA needs him!!!!

  • Scott Deaton
    Scott Deaton

    The Buck's closed the book on Devin (see what I did there?).

  • Reynaldo Piamonte
    Reynaldo Piamonte

    Booker choker

  • Fernado Tatis Jr
    Fernado Tatis Jr


  • Franco Estacio
    Franco Estacio

    That flight to Tokyo with Jrue and Khris gon' be real awkward lmao

    • Moussa Kourouma
      Moussa Kourouma


    • Carla Thomas
      Carla Thomas

      They'll lift him up as leaders do.

    • bren226

      Nah, it ain't the 80s

    • Kyle Nguyen
      Kyle Nguyen

      nah they chill with each other

    • Lo Bz
      Lo Bz

      Tokyo better be a breeze to gold🥇

  • Max Bar
    Max Bar

    I'm from New Mexico. Most people around here were rooting for suns. Because of Booker's flopping and constantly crying to the ref's, i'm glad the Bucks won. Crowder a lebron flopper also too. Glad the suns lost. That's what suns and their fans get for trolling. HAHA. karma's a B...

  • フォレバー アローン
    フォレバー アローン

    Devin Booker is trash, would be just another John Doe without CP3

  • SalTY

    Cocky son of a bitch took this L and foh Giannis is your father now 🤡

  • Bryce Awesome
    Bryce Awesome

    Um um um um um

  • Myronidas Vestarossa
    Myronidas Vestarossa

    Stop shaming on him for something that is not his fault. He himself has said that he does NOT want to be compared to Kobe. He’s a great player regardless and I feel if he gets a great team he will get a ring.

  • Ismail Fofana
    Ismail Fofana

    Chris Paul : “Everyone is expecting a miss, goddamit even he is” Giannis: 50 ball and 17/19 from the line

    • TheFastright PTG
      TheFastright PTG

      yall misunderstood, when chris paul said that he meant that even when gianiss is missing he's still being unstoppable lmao

    • ThermalPizza

      @Parker Rice 😂

    • Parker Rice
      Parker Rice

      “Everyone is expecting the Suns to choke, hell even they are.”

    • john marston
      john marston

      He jinxed it

    • Darker Side Of TA13OO
      Darker Side Of TA13OO


  • Hogan Baker
    Hogan Baker

    Devin Choker 😂

  • Bawi Vung
    Bawi Vung

    Devin booker always look sad BUT YOU GUYS DIDNT REACH 100 LOL TRASH GARBAGE

  • Blue Waves
    Blue Waves

    To just losing the championship and having to play in the Olympics game on the same team in a few days is very tough for Booker.

  • Noel Veridiano
    Noel Veridiano

    Devin has a short temper and easily gets frustrated in the game. Got to change that attitude.

    • J-sé14

      facts. He let his emotion control his game.

    • Raphie Mate
      Raphie Mate

      If he went harder in practice instead of complaining and whining he would improve. He is mentally weak, his emotions get the best of him.

  • Ogugua Anunoby
    Ogugua Anunoby

    kylie finna dump him after losing 😭

  • TJB24

    But DBook we always gon have that Moss Point Pride in us that will always bring you back in that position

  • robert quiachon
    robert quiachon

    No more baby devin. Kendal nxt Bf chris middleton.Target unlock. 😂😁✌️

    • Ibrahim M.
      Ibrahim M.

      lmao 🤣

  • RR3StiXx

    If he Book *booked* that Tokyo flight prior to the game.....he wasn't really tryna win fr 🙄

    • Brody Miller
      Brody Miller

      He’s a million dollar basketball player in the nba, they have jets from Tokyo for the Olympics ready for people all across the globe.

  • Justin Salazar
    Justin Salazar

    Suns had the best chance ever this season....... good luck making top 5 with a healthy league next season

  • Five Arrows
    Five Arrows

    Not sure if y’all will be back. Warriors are healthy, Lakers, nuggets, etc. better sign another star with championship experience

    • Five Arrows
      Five Arrows

      @EET FUK obviously. But the west is too packed. When every team is healthy, the suns probably won’t make the finals for a while

    • EET FUK
      EET FUK

      Lebron isn't going to last forever

  • Nick E
    Nick E


  • Shin

    Devin booker and the kardashian Kurse continues🧐

  • bazOmighty7

    Book that’s karma for bullying giannis

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia

    Booker think about the green pastures that await you.

  • Andraco

    Kobe would be proud of you book. ps: be legendary book

  • mentalplane

    I saw Chris Paul promoting beyond meat before this video...

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein

    Loser they ain't never seen another finals

    • Saddam Hussein
      Saddam Hussein

      @K e n n C y r i l warriors ain't winning again neither lmaoooo

    • K e n n C y r i l
      K e n n C y r i l

      fr warriors clappin them haha

  • ventrue

    can we please trade booker he’s terrible


      What the fuck ?

  • Thomas

    is that giannis’ son? why is he not celebrating with his father??

    • Eric Tafolla
      Eric Tafolla

      Nah that’s his father

  • Donta Reynolds
    Donta Reynolds

    Booker is Amazing!! But Wisconsin we the Champions!! Letss Goo!!

  • Aditya More
    Aditya More

    Thank you devin booker for keeping kendall jenner curse intact😂🤣

    • Erase Erase
      Erase Erase

      He still dropped 40 back to back

    • Luca RS
      Luca RS

      @blues watchin yeah 19 points in the decisive game 🤡

    • blues watchin
      blues watchin

      Man shut up he played well 🤡

  • Shashank Gangwar
    Shashank Gangwar

    These interviews are the most stupidest idea I have ever seen. You how much dissatisfaction and disappointment they must be feeling.

    • Dan Day
      Dan Day

      Part of that NBA contract to fulfil media obligations lmao

    • Baller 4Life ❶
      Baller 4Life ❶

      @Max Bar you could’ve put 4 comments into 1 fyi

    • Max Bar
      Max Bar

      And "I guess all the flopping and crying to the refs doesn't help, does it?"

    • Max Bar
      Max Bar

      And "do you believe in karma?"

    • Max Bar
      Max Bar

      The real question he should be asked is "how does it feel to lose after you and your fans been trolling? "

  • ARIF 14
    ARIF 14

    You never be like Kobe

    • Yes and Amen
      Yes and Amen

      He’s not suppose to be like Kobe. He’s himself. That’s why you both have major issues I’m sure, because you often compare yourselves to others. Be You. Stop comparing. Lame.

    • Raphie Mate
      Raphie Mate

      He would be Kobe's bitch, if Kobe were playing against him in his prime.

  • ARIF 14
    ARIF 14

    You never be like Kobe


    D-Booker woke up feeling dangerous 🔥 🔥 : 8-22 FG (35%)🥶🥶 : 4 turnovers 😫🥴 : 0-7 from 3 ZERO😱😱 : -15 (+/-)🤕😬 : Locked up by holiday and choked 😅😂 The next kobe Bryant....I think NOT!!🤣🤣

    • Zyhir

      That’s like saying Kobe had a first ballot HOF when he played with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard it’s not Kobe’s fault there not preforming but your blaming Dbook for losing a series like he didn’t average 28 pta and score 40 back to back

    • Zyhir

      @SteveLosJr And Devin booker in his first finals had back to back 40 balls how crazy your talking about individual performance when it wasn’t Devin Booker who played bad in the final it was the first ballot hall of famer who didn’t match up to expectations research and the way Kobe played averaging 32 he admitted it was never gonna win anything

    • SteveLosJr

      @Zyhir he has a first ballot HOF Christina Paul Or is that a lie as well 😂 I forgot. We are talking about individual performances? Kobe is second behind MJ. If you want to compare teams. Kobe had Kwame brown, Maurice evans, Farmar, wafer, you tell me who is first ballot HOF on that team besides Kobe played 38min Averaging 32pts. You ain’t gonna win this debate😂 research up buddy. 😂

    • Zyhir

      @SteveLosJr if Devin had shaq I’m sure they would’ve got at least 2 were going to forget the back to back 40 point games he just had. Kobe blew a 3-1 lead and took 3 shots in the second half vs the suns you shouldn’t listen to what the media is telling you and do research

    • SteveLosJr

      @Zyhir how is it hate? You compare a rookie Kobe who was 18 yr old who didn’t attend college, to a dude who’s been in the league for 6 season. 🤣 , don’t listen to the media do your own research. Look up what Kobe did in his 6th year in the league.

  • LeezyDoesIt19

    This Suns team is Special. I know we lost 4 in a row, I get that, but they know exactly what they have to do in the Summer.

  • Tan eh
    Tan eh

    I think Kendall still giving him a baby..bright side..

  • Noah Ark
    Noah Ark

    This guy will be a champion he still young and he’s definitely gonna learn from this and be legendary!

    • Florinda Galano
      Florinda Galano

      Yeah so true

  • william mcintosh
    william mcintosh

    Turns out his flopping and whining didn’t get him a win 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Noplay

    The curse of Kardashians.

    • Martavious Tisby
      Martavious Tisby

      For real 😮

    • BrainXTC

      They got to the finals....🤡

    • Sir Nicholas
      Sir Nicholas

      Never fails.

  • Rich Tan
    Rich Tan

    Stay legendary!

  • biggy biggy
    biggy biggy

    Hey flopper, how to get rid of the kardashians?

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that DBook made our day Better:

    • Alex Blackman
      Alex Blackman

      ?????? No, just no

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Atlas Composure made our day Better:

    • Gilbert Gotfried
      Gilbert Gotfried



    People forget that lebron first final is also a lose, even harder 4-0 blowout, and the rest is history. Book can do the same thing if he continues improving his dribble

    • Raphie Mate
      Raphie Mate

      I don't think Booker can go anywhere as long as Giannis keeps playing like this, Giannis is way too good for the rest of the league.

    • La Chupacabra
      La Chupacabra

      Leroid has had a media created career arc. The NBA pushes him as the new MJ so it’s in their best interest to promote him in the Finals

    • LABUCKS634

      Book ain’t Lebron… he will never win a chip

  • Airball

    cleveland catchin strays out here

  • Urbain Delva
    Urbain Delva

    Kobe Bryant would be proud of Book. Reaches the Finals in his postseason DEBUT and balls out through almost all of it? That's close to legendary.

    • TheFastright PTG
      TheFastright PTG

      another delusional comment putting Kobe and Devin Brick in the same sentence STOP IT ALREADY.☠️

    • La Chupacabra
      La Chupacabra

      Kobe wouldn’t be proud of the missed layups and missed lob finished.

    • LABUCKS634

      Losing the finals ain’t legendary

    • JerryIsHigh23

      Of course he would be proud. He lost 2-4 in honor of kobe 😤

  • Chemical Ali
    Chemical Ali

    Jenners said if dbooker win a championship ill give him a sad for booker he don't win a championship ring

    • JerryIsHigh23

      Giannis got the baby 😂😬

  • TheSco415

    Aaagghhhhh hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😅😅

  • R V
    R V

    Phoenix Suns third nba finals appearance to lose 4-2 same like the other two. Hopefully Booker can change that and win a championship next time. Bounce back next season Suns! it will be tough as other teams will come back strong too but gotta play harder next season to win a championship!

    • R V
      R V

      @K e n n C y r i l let's see... season just ended. many things can happen during the offseason like drafts and trades that can affect Suns chance next season.

    • R V
      R V

      @LABUCKS634 never say never

    • K e n n C y r i l
      K e n n C y r i l

      they won't be reachin the finals anytime soon

    • LABUCKS634

      Suns will never win a chip

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    But when the game matters he vanished...

    • nm0ney

      @Oxyplayz 123 where did anyone say this? he lives in ur head rent free cry

    • Oxyplayz 123
      Oxyplayz 123

      MJ, people are saying that this man is going to be the next Kobe(Your student). 🤣

    • Oxyplayz 123
      Oxyplayz 123

      @nm0ney 😆

    • nm0ney

      lebron is the goat

  • Illumi Zoldyck
    Illumi Zoldyck

    Its like kobe vs. shaq What a series

  • Wabie rivera
    Wabie rivera

    Booker this from a Milwaukee Bucks Die hard Fan. You Legendary Book. You will be champions it’s only matter of time. Great performance in the finals. Great Player!!!

    • Mr. Galaxy
      Mr. Galaxy

      d book the legendary flop XD

  • pauljohn0001

    After 2-3 years devin will request a trade it’s the Kardashian’s and CP3 curse

  • Christian M Lopez
    Christian M Lopez

    Why y’all hating on book first he carried whole series and Paul choked and y’all saying he’s soft . Y’all can’t even do what he can drop 40 and take his team to the finals . And no no one will be close to being Kobe

    • jarvin acosta
      jarvin acosta

      @Brit Muffin are you laced bruh???? Look at back to back comparison to kobe footage and Jayson Tatum….Jayson dropped 50 3 times this season and a 60 piece on the nets. He took a lebron led team to game 7 while lebron was on such a historic run and that was on his rookie year and he even dunked on him 😂 you gotta be stupid

    • Christian M Lopez
      Christian M Lopez

      Ok then get someone who dropping 60 points comeback win I’ll win

    • Brit Muffin
      Brit Muffin

      @jarvin acosta gaytum ain’t that good tbh

    • La Chupacabra
      La Chupacabra

      @AMPR ! yes the game they were up about 20.... Chris threw that game to try to slime his way to a FMVP but it backfired

    • AMPR !
      AMPR !

      @La Chupacabra he played bad game 3 besides that he did not choke. Also, Booker was choking in the Clipper series besides game 1 and CP3 had to close out that series. Look up the series stats against the Clippers. They wouldn’t even be here without CP3.

  • Respect  Begets Respect
    Respect Begets Respect

    Booker was just not himself this game. He is still a phenomenal guy though.

    • Vodou Myers
      Vodou Myers

      That's what that Kardashian Curse does to you

  • Tay Lee
    Tay Lee

    He's good shooter but using too much arm and elbow when he drive not tough enough and need working on he's mentality instead of getting mad complain call all the time.

    • Tay Lee
      Tay Lee

      @Maximilian Fischer yeah I agree usually they were good at 3 points. But last night all the blocks from giannis and bucks defense made them pretty cold.

    • Maximilian Fischer
      Maximilian Fischer

      He was 0-7 from three… his driving wasn’t the problem this game. Neither team shot well from three, both shot below league average which is surprising bc they’re both usually pretty good 3-point shooting teams

  • ViperDeli

    0-7 from 3

  • ynoT

    look at this guy. more professional than chris paul answering questions in a professional manner rather than ‘we just lost’ ‘we lost’

    • La Chupacabra
      La Chupacabra

      @Justin R lol brings up specifics with Book but just posts Paul’s averages. The truth is Chris Paul did what he always does, lose important games and throw deciding moments.

    • Justin R
      Justin R

      @Kevin L and what did paul do during the games where book was going off? He gave the bucks a fighting chance by consecutive turnovers. Games they shouldve won was due soley to CP3

    • Kevin L
      Kevin L

      @Justin R Booker had 19 points on bad efficiency… Chris Paul averaged 22 and 7 assists

    • Justin R
      Justin R

      @The Nappy Anbu he sure didnt play like it

    • The Nappy Anbu
      The Nappy Anbu

      Chris has a lot more on the line than booker

  • SSSaba Magoo
    SSSaba Magoo

    What hurts the most is we probably ain’t coming back for a long time …..

    • El Cucuy
      El Cucuy

      @LABUCKS634 lmfao you’re a shameless bandwagon loser

    • Reuben Ahmed
      Reuben Ahmed

      Very true.

    • VODProductions

      ThermalPizza true but this Lakers team is also just not that good. They gonna have to resign Dennis and keep Kuzma with no moves to make of AD gets injured again you might just get a repeat of this playoff run.

    • ThermalPizza

      @VODProductions you know who else gonna be 37? Chris Paul lol, old age doesn’t really exist in our modern nba with people like lebron spending millions of dollars a year on basically legal PEDs that keep him playing as if he was a decade younger, and as for AD he was healthy all last year so I wouldn’t count the Lakers out, and I’m a warrior fan just hoping that the warriors do a good trade this off-season to keep up lol.

    • VODProductions

      bro I think you really underestimating how week the West is right now, only teams I see giving you trouble is Jazz and maybe the nuggets. Mind you the nuggets got Swept and yes Jamal Murray didn't play but no other player but Jokic stepped up I don't think adding Murray changes that. Lakers Lebron will be 37 and Anthony Day to Day Davis can't stay healthy. Mavs have to figure shit out, Clippers Khawi is Out for the season. Memphis and Golden State are the only two what if's if they play a great post season. So if Paul stays and with the experience they got from this run who is stopping the Suns next season in the West.

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John

    Book did not play well at all this game. Hopefully this will be a good learning experience and he’ll come back next year.

  • BearDownUofA

    I’m biased as a Suns fan but the hate on this man is pretty unfair tbh This was his first ever playoffs and made it to the finals

    • K e n n C y r i l
      K e n n C y r i l

      *reached the finals by beating injured teams haha😸👎

    • Alex Blackman
      Alex Blackman

      @Andre 1997 Literally look at his run to the finals 1st Round against an injury ridddled Lakers team 2nd Round against a team where the star point guard is injured WCF Star player also injured for the clippers meaning easy win Booker isn't going to win anymore in the future cause LeBron complained about the play-in tournament so the NBA will remove it therefore normality will be restored and LeBron will again make it to the finals instead of these overrated bums in the suns

    • Mercurial4lyfe

      @SD. Bro u wanna see someone arrogant look at Bobby Portis, man yells at anything. Booker is a young player and is experiencing good things early. Can’t call it arrogant when he helps lead a team to the finals that hasn’t been there in decades

    • Andre 1997
      Andre 1997

      @SD. he should be arrogant? He made it to finals his first playoff run… that calls for some arrogance

    • SD.

      He's an arrogant little sh*t. Why wouldn't we hate on him?!?!