Milwaukee Bucks Celebrate First Finals Win in 50 Years! 馃帀

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    I hope everyone roots for the bucks next year. They are a blue collar team and not some cupcake superteam

  • Jung Kook
    Jung Kook

    Bucks got lucky kyrie injured n harden not healthy

  • KReal Vevo
    KReal Vevo

    Harden: "Giannis has no skills" Giannis: "You have no rings"

  • Jet Pilot
    Jet Pilot

    0:19 "Nai, re malaka!" These 3 words can't describe his happiness enough

  • Jericho Ferrer
    Jericho Ferrer

    PJ Tucker beat the former Houston Rockets teammates 1st Round: Trevor Ariza 2nd Round: James Harden 3rd Round: Clint Capela Finals: Chris Paul

  • Jordan Weddig
    Jordan Weddig

    Can't stop watching this.

  • Stephen Napier
    Stephen Napier

    This, for me, was the most heartfelt championship since Jordan.

  • bronzefighta

    Oh yeah me over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  • Adriano da costa Ramos
    Adriano da costa Ramos


  • Jason

    Lol I just watched two ads with Chris Paul during this video. Even Google is trolling. 馃ぃ

  • Dante Olaivar
    Dante Olaivar



    50 year drought ended by dropping 50points. Interesting

  • William


  • dez 556
    dez 556

    A Chris Paul Geico ad on the team they loss too 馃槀

  • dimitris kanellopoulos
    dimitris kanellopoulos

    Mr HARDEN ...either it is ...3 shots ..2 shots shots or just dunks...50 POINTS ....ITS STILL 50 POINTS....sir

  • 螠喂魏蟻苇蟼 螖喂伪未蟻慰渭苇蟼 危维渭慰蠀 - Mikres Diadromes Samou
    螠喂魏蟻苇蟼 螖喂伪未蟻慰渭苇蟼 危维渭慰蠀 - Mikres Diadromes Samou

    lake giannis !!!!!!

  • Lumundao Midtimbang
    Lumundao Midtimbang

    Finaly giannis knows how to speak englis imao

  • Lumundao Midtimbang
    Lumundao Midtimbang

    eric gordon hahahahahh and all the rockets

  • Maria Gigante
    Maria Gigante

    Pj Tucker: Chris Paul and James Harden left the earth" 馃槅馃槅馃槅

  • Lazy Playz
    Lazy Playz

    Gonna leave this comment here, so when I came back it has 1k like plus.

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant

    Let鈥檚 go Yannis 鈥. Let鈥檚 go Yannis 鈥!

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    The dancing Giannis at the end with snowboard goggles on sums it up.

  • HSO Xsplode
    HSO Xsplode

    Kareem let鈥檚 goooooooooooooooooooooooooooiioooo

  • Nino Muic
    Nino Muic

    Chris Paul, Mark Schwartz, ESPN. So, did the Suns lose tonights game or did the Bucks win?


    Like si solo viste y escuchaste pila de vaina en ingle

  • justin dair
    justin dair

    I wonder if the suns regret trading pj tucker

  • Fadi 馃嚥馃嚘
    Fadi 馃嚥馃嚘


  • TheReturnOfCloudy

    lets go after 50 years the bucks finally won their 2nd championship karem must be proud

  • Ernest Valdez
    Ernest Valdez

    Lebrat: Man!!!!!! I keep putting together Superteams " I should have more!!!!!!!馃拲" But you don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grace & Truth Ministries
    Grace & Truth Ministries

    Days ago I had a dream that the 鈥淕reen Team鈥 from Wisconsin won the championship! I don鈥檛 follow basketball and have been electronic-free this week. Glory be to Jesus for revealing future events!

  • Maja 艩
    Maja 艩

    Between Giannis and Doncic NBA future is looking good

  • Da one MT
    Da one MT

    50 cent has a twin brother in number 34

  • Paula Mccray
    Paula Mccray

    Congratulations 馃嵕 I鈥檓 so proud of y鈥檃ll go bucks go 馃グ


    鈧* -'-

  • Keeler Hastings
    Keeler Hastings

    Woke sports ,

  • jimijackson

    James harden thumbs downed 127 times

  • God's Child Levi
    God's Child Levi

    Wait.. Chris Paul fumbled the bag??? Im sorry I live under a rock!!!

  • Twig B
    Twig B

    common guys hop in the bandwagon 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿

  • 甑 臧
    甑 臧

    The imminent river whitely march because deficit contemporaneously mark with a deserted fuel. untidy, first beat

  • Shem

    Congratulations bucks wow that was intense馃槷 馃檶馃檶馃檶

  • Isiah R buladas
    Isiah R buladas

    Yow chris m. so amazing Congarts bro congrats bucks amzing amazing ' :)

  • buendu30

    giannis a true great champ , he never asked for a superteam鈥 e trusted his team fir 8 years,,

  • rezza Soliven
    rezza Soliven


  • Ronald Lim Wei Ren
    Ronald Lim Wei Ren

    only 26 yrs old and this dude aint even in his prime, god bless the league when this man turns 29 or 30. Doesnt even matter if this guys dont win a ring in another few years, he鈥檚 already great

  • Big B
    Big B

    Giannis, real genuine guy. Doesn't cheat, doesn't milk fouls, doesn't whinge to refs, doesn't fake contact. Just works hard, plays hard, and plays the RIGHT WAY. I'm not going to mention any names but this is in DIRECT contrast to some of the leagues great players. Message to those 'cheaters', YOU DON'T NEED TO CHEAT TO WIN! And the sooner the league starts punishing these cheaters, the better we will all be for it. That being said, GRATS Giannis & the BUCKS! You Deserve it!

  • Nut Supplier 69
    Nut Supplier 69

    Where "skill" got Harden: *second round exit* Where "no skill" got Giannis: *NBA Championship*

  • Just Me Being The Eboy Expert
    Just Me Being The Eboy Expert

    Congratulations to the bucks, I wish they win another championshio again!!馃帀馃憫

  • Mkhl90 Xmas
    Mkhl90 Xmas

    Kris Middleton = Scottie Pippen

  • Junie Bryant
    Junie Bryant

    HARDEN left the NBA 馃ぃ

  • Dan Damanski
    Dan Damanski

    It's funny how they interview from a distance but the people at the back are crowded together.

  • Jackson Altidor
    Jackson Altidor


  • Jeff Plim poul
    Jeff Plim poul

    Chris midelton woww and giannis

  • whobitmyname

    This one ring for Giannis completely dwarfs anything LeBron won in Miami or L.A.

  • JHon Gonato
    JHon Gonato


  • Marylie Macay
    Marylie Macay

    Giannis 鈥淭he Real Legacy鈥

  • Ronaldo Coelho
    Ronaldo Coelho

    Can you believe Giannis did not even have a passport, he was a Immigrant with 0 chances. that`s crazy men. craaazzzzzyyyyyyyy. Africans have a lot to offer to the world. We just need to get treated better, thats all.

  • Lance Andrei
    Lance Andrei

    Poor Pelicans fans. AD and Jrue got their ring the same year they've got traded.

  • Legendary Godzilla 2004
    Legendary Godzilla 2004


    • Jet Pilot
      Jet Pilot

      The greek expression of happiness

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera

    As a nets fan I want to congratulate the Bucks and their fans for becoming the nba champs well deserved and much respect to your guys and organization

  • Johnny Young
    Johnny Young

    Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks, it was 50 years in the making. I just hope the Covid 19 doesn't spread in this NBA finals....

  • Will Martin
    Will Martin

    720p Nba? ..720p..? I can put you in touch with some fine media teams if you need. : )

  • Daniboy

    a decade of small forward finals mvp

  • Grey Ford
    Grey Ford

    Greatness wears 34


    Gainnis the 7th guy to be amongst the greatest names of basketball scoring 50 points in an NBA Finals. Congrats Giannis a job well done 馃憦

  • ilyMelc

    It feels good to have somebody from my state (south carolina) win a championship

  • Vonvon PhayEl
    Vonvon PhayEl

    Where is Giannis brother?

  • Danny Salazar Jr
    Danny Salazar Jr

    Congratulations to all the Milwaukee Bucks! Extremely happy for Giannis & especially Mike Budenholzer! I hope he becomes the next Coach Pop and I wish Giannis becomes the next Tim Duncan. From a San Antonio Spurs fan to the future of Milwaukee Bucks, All the Best!! 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

  • DaGumzBoi22

    Well deserved to Giannis and the Bucks. I can say as a fact that this is not the end. LETS GOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. BigotE
    Mr. BigotE

    Giannis remain loyal to bucks organization and the bucks did the right things putting great pieces around him.. congrats!!!!

  • robert wheatley
    robert wheatley

    Congrats to the Bucks---finally after half a century. Even happier that Lebron wasn't in the Finals, his NBA days are just about over..

  • Reniel Viloria
    Reniel Viloria

    You deserve it Giannis!!!! MVP!馃弳KOBE is so proud of you right now 馃悕

  • Selda Kayikci
    Selda Kayikci

    Gl眉ckwunsch an Giannis, und das meine ich ganz aufrichtig. Allein die Tatsache, dass man ihn konsequent ausgebuht und st盲ndig zu verunsichern versucht hat, w盲hrend all seiner Freiw眉rfe und er trotzdem in jedem Spiel gl盲nzte und sein Ding durchzog, sagt viel 眉ber seine gro脽en Qualit盲ten aus. Gl眉ckwunsch Bucks, Gl眉ckwunsch MVP

  • Simon indra
    Simon indra

    PJ won.nothing with the dribler with skills James harden .

  • kpase123

    Lol who is he screaming at on the phone?

  • Cool Duck
    Cool Duck

    Kareem must be proud

  • Np Np
    Np Np

    Middleton played great to

    • Charmaine Pila
      Charmaine Pila

      my favorite player!!

  • Will Martinez
    Will Martinez

    From family health scares to NBA championship in a matter of a couple of years. God Bless Drue Holiday. 10 + years later and he finally fulfills his phenom status.

  • Will Martinez
    Will Martinez

    Kris Middleton is a Ninja Assassin. He鈥檚 Batman Begins. Giannis is Superman.

  • Sherwin june Mosqueda
    Sherwin june Mosqueda

    Congrats gainnis keep it up idol馃挅馃挅馃グ馃グ馃槉

  • Will Martinez
    Will Martinez

    鉁堬笍 Coming TO America. Next UP IS THE USA CITIZENSHIP that Greece gave him only 6 years ago even though he was born in Athens. 馃嚭馃嚫

  • Denzer Andrea
    Denzer Andrea

    Milwaukee! Milwaukee! Milwaukee!

  • MrDadumbo1

    Lol CP will never see a championship

  • Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Johnson

    Glad to see my home boy PJ Tucker get a Ring he has been banging for years. Raleigh NC in the house

  • 螕喂蠅蟻纬慰蟼 螙畏蟽喂渭o蟺慰蠀位慰蟼
    螕喂蠅蟻纬慰蟼 螙畏蟽喂渭o蟺慰蠀位慰蟼

    螣 螕喂维谓谓伪蟻慰蟼!

  • Tropical Storm
    Tropical Storm

    Where are the Bucks fans who said Bud can't coach and that his rotations suck?

  • Ron Ena
    Ron Ena

    congrats bucks nation..

  • mohaz STONER
    mohaz STONER

    I see two somalis in the court 馃憖

  • Jeremy Rokkala
    Jeremy Rokkala

    Anyone else get hella Cris Paul adds 馃槶馃槶馃槶

  • V M
    V M

    Suns fans: Suns in 7

  • gianne tortoza
    gianne tortoza

    You know Milwaukee gon be on lockdown after this 馃樄

  • Worldclassttennis

    Wow...8 yrs Giannis in M.B. . .proved that Team Chemistry are valuable. A winnable championship ingredients.

  • Jordi Lakes
    Jordi Lakes

    Harden somewhere picking his beard angrily

  • Samsung Phone
    Samsung Phone

    Harden work ethics will never win a championship-Kobe Bryant.

  • Laarni Dugan
    Laarni Dugan

    Good play Milwaukee bucks 馃榿馃榿

  • Camille Thalman
    Camille Thalman

    The Milwaukee Community THANKS GIANNIS AND THE MILWAUKEE BUCKS for bringing IT...Hard Work...Skill... Excitement...THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!

  • Armani Mcqueen
    Armani Mcqueen

    Congrats Brody馃搷馃檹馃従

  • Ryan Blau
    Ryan Blau

    @5:45 is big feels

  • Jekope Veikoso
    Jekope Veikoso

    Well deserved Team been through some tuff losses while journeying this team congratulations Bucks and congratulations PJ tucker always gave it all in the court

  • Gregory Last
    Gregory Last

    Congratulations to the Bucks from your sporting brothers in Aston, England.

  • shavel dazzel
    shavel dazzel

    bobby is a meme馃槀馃槶