THE FINAL CALL: Milwaukee Bucks are NBA CHAMPS! 馃弳

  • NoodlesNoob

    rip cp3

  • Ken Tan Schneider
    Ken Tan Schneider

    Eversince the Suns lost it鈥檚 been raining 馃導 for days in my country; hence no sun 鈽锔. 馃弨馃槈

  • xXRazzRXx

    Buck status:


    go bucks

  • Paulini Mahit
    Paulini Mahit

    Yes! They deserved it!馃憦馃挌馃弨

  • No Gkiokas
    No Gkiokas

    螤蟻伪纬渭伪蟿喂魏慰蟼 蔚位位畏谓伪蟼 馃嚞馃嚪 ...螡伪喂 蟻蔚 螠伪位伪魏伪伪!! 馃槀 0:18

  • Ricky Luague
    Ricky Luague

    0:46 Jabbawockeez 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀


    Giannis deserves a ring!


    Let's go!

  • Masato Asmr II
    Masato Asmr II


  • Khansequence



    I really enjoyed this championship series both teams fought hard every game congratulations to the Bucks

  • Joe Oconnor
    Joe Oconnor

    It is great to see so many people outside celebrating

  • Silver Sayers
    Silver Sayers

    50 points for 50 years.

  • GTech

    0:18 螡螒螜 巍螘 螠螒螞螒螝螒

  • Sandro Doulis
    Sandro Doulis


  • Wanda Coffer
    Wanda Coffer

    Amen , so happy for them really happy for them they deserve it,yes I'm for they Bucks because my home team Grizzlies now all for my home team Grizzlies to get one will love to see us with a win here in Memphis, we next,we next.

  • Mr Taylor
    Mr Taylor

    giannis could become best nba basketball player than michael jordan kobe bryant n lebron james whenever he retires

  • DraX

    As a heat fan, CONGRATULATIONS to the Milwaukee Bucks

  • Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu

    Giannis will be a top 5 player all time. Mark my words

  • Remi Perdriau
    Remi Perdriau

    The greek freak deserves so much the title and mvp finals. They did it. Congratulations giannis and the bucks. Legendary

  • Ioannis Athanasiou
    Ioannis Athanasiou

    螡螒螜 巍螘 螠螒螞螒螝螒!!

  • Nico Navarro
    Nico Navarro

    I鈥檓 not sure if CP3 still has a chance for a ring next season. I really feel bad about him.

  • Abe

    I said it after game 3 of the finals, Giannis deserves a ring more than anyone else. He went from living in a small 500 square foot apartment to being an nba champ, he was super small and skinny coming into the league and now he鈥檚 one of the most well flourished athletes in the NBA馃挭馃徏well deserved

  • Cj Curtis
    Cj Curtis

    This was a great moment especially being there. Props to the suns for sure, they didn鈥檛 make it easy.


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  • Lstn Fctr
    Lstn Fctr

    That 7-feet dude who runs and just dunk is now an NBA Champ and a Finals MVP. And yet the other dude with a long ass beard can't even get himself in the finals even with that much help 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

  • Thanh Nguyen Xuan
    Thanh Nguyen Xuan

    Anyone else to advise me?

  • Milton John
    Milton John

    0:19 螡伪喂 蟻蔚 渭伪位维魏伪!

  • Kobe

    i just remember watching a tiktok saying giannis will never win a championship

  • Simon R.
    Simon R.

    Huge congrats for both teams. Both were incredible this season 馃鈽锔

  • Ben Rupert
    Ben Rupert

    Clippers would鈥檝e beat the Bucks

  • TimboSlice

    An NBA star this decade who is actually a role model. ABOUT TIME

  • Soggy Kid
    Soggy Kid

    Imagine being the suns. Last year they got caught doing IG models. Now they lost 4 games in a row. Talk about a giant L! 馃槀馃槝馃憤

  • Jonathan Navarro
    Jonathan Navarro

    I feel that this was the last time the suns will have to make the finals because with teams like golden state getting klay back and chirs is getting old so who knows

  • Sgt13Echo

    Lame Brone could learn a LOT from Giannis

  • Apurva Sharma
    Apurva Sharma

    Seeing Giannis cry had me getting a little choled up. The man has gone through so much, both this season and his whole life, he deserves this moment more than anyone 馃挴馃挴

  • Martin Ofunrein
    Martin Ofunrein

    New Statefarm pack in the air, this gas or what? 馃挩 W Bucks W Scott Foster, CP3 now 0-13 vs Scott Foster

  • Lava Eclipse
    Lava Eclipse

    Let鈥檚 fiooo

  • Dylan 3115
    Dylan 3115

    i think this finals more then any other shows the death of the mid range.

  • rachard mcintyre
    rachard mcintyre

    This headline story of the Bucks win makes up for the sad grisly disturbing event that happen 30 years ago, around this time, when Jeffrey Dahmer was discovered. Now, the people of Milwaukee have something to cheer about in 2021 rather than in 1991.

  • Glenn Gonzales
    Glenn Gonzales

    wow lets go champ

  • Jess Mark
    Jess Mark

    Giannis made it with the team who drafted him, without taking his talent to south beach 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • 1990Thunderbolt

    so it'll take another 50 years for the bucks to win their next championship? lol

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    Giannis Antetokounmpo, best since Jordan. Will be the greatest of all-time.

  • GreekSneakCollector

    Becoming Legendary!

  • William Henry
    William Henry

    So happy for the Bucks, the dear is finally carrying the gold again with its antlers. No hate on the Suns because I respect the fact they beat last year鈥檚 NBA Champs and made it this far to the Finals. Bucks fans you deserve your moment! Congrats from a Lakers fan! 馃弳馃弨

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox

    congrats to the Milwaukee Bucks! 馃弳馃寧馃弳

  • El DR4G0N
    El DR4G0N

    Congrats to my home team 鉂も潳馃 Also Cp3 had only one chance and blew it

  • Legend Link
    Legend Link

    Sorry CP3 but its giannis's time, Good job on winning the finals

    • Anonymous

      @Weston Wheeler he is cursed. Just like Harden and Westbrook. 馃槀

    • Weston Wheeler
      Weston Wheeler

      Bro CP3 has to be one of the unluckiest players lol

  • Janick Norman
    Janick Norman

    Now this what real talent does. No bullshit "the decision" only to get your first ring.

  • Can鈥檛 Play Minecraft
    Can鈥檛 Play Minecraft

    Poor Dame be like can I come to Milwaukee too?

  • IK 98
    IK 98

    I鈥檇 like to thank KD鈥檚 long as toes

  • HT82 Smash
    HT82 Smash

    Giannis got a ring. No superteam needed. Matter of fact, he beat the biggest superteam on his way here.

  • Steve Bell
    Steve Bell

    SALUTE Ginnis NBA CHAMPIONS MILWAUKEE BUCKS! MVP MVP Earned My Respect 馃挭馃従馃挴馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨馃檹馃従馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃弳 ALL ROUND GAME!!! BRAVO

  • CoKo A
    CoKo A

    I'm sorry but the NBA championship celebration is probably the most confusing in all of sports. I feel like hockey does it best, everyone dog piles around the goalie. Then the captain lifts the trophy and everyone gets a turn. Don't forget the shaking of hands in the middle of all that

  • Henrique

    2019 after winning 1st MVP, Giannis: don't call me MVP until I win it again! 2020 after winning 2nd MVP and DPOY, Giannis: don't call me MVP until I win a championship! 2021 after winning the championship and finals MVP, Giannis: let's get some more! 馃槼馃槼馃槼

  • Abdikarim Abdi
    Abdikarim Abdi

    Bucks fans best fans wow 65k fans bucks and warriors have the best fans congrats to Giannis and the 2021 NBA Champions 馃挄

  • Mike Dikisaard
    Mike Dikisaard

    Cam Payne brings back the suns deficit allmost ties Monty Williams: I think its time for you to hit the bench

  • Darkseid 08
    Darkseid 08



    Soo.. who will be the father now?

  • Kennn

    Regular Season MVP, All-Star Game MVP, Unanimous Finals MVP in the span of two seasons. Crazy.

  • SleepyHollow

    Back to back chips for the Antetokounmpo's 馃挭

  • Alexander Pineda
    Alexander Pineda

    Cp3 is literally cursed

  • Mr Pimp
    Mr Pimp

    Can't wait for skip to react to this 馃ぃ

  • choosen juan
    choosen juan

    Giannis ring is better than kd's two rings. Not even close .

  • Hugh Trotman
    Hugh Trotman

    Congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Middleton,Jrue Holiday Brook Lopez and the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks squad.

  • Elijah Simon
    Elijah Simon

    Let鈥檚 gooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I鈥檝e been waiting for this moment for so long!

  • Tyler Sullivan
    Tyler Sullivan

    Giannis' resume at 26 years old is INSANE! 鈥 2x NBA MVP 鈥 5x NBA All-Star 鈥 2021 NBA All-Star MVP 鈥 3x All-NBA 1st Team 鈥 2x All-NBA 2nd Team 鈥 2020 NBA DPOY 鈥 3x All-NBA 1st Team Defense Now 50 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks to cap off an NBA Title and Finals MVP. We鈥檙e witnessing a player in his prime that has the potential to be one of the greatest EVER! PURE GREATNESS 馃檶

    • Cheyemos

      鈥 when he finally gets a reliable jumper鈥 *oh my god*

  • xJaySupreme

    Giannis got his first ring before harden let's gooo

  • Sherwin Grin
    Sherwin Grin

    Suns in 4! 4 straight loses! 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Alessandro21


  • cj0618

    50pts for the 50yrs they last had their championship!

  • Joseph Leonard
    Joseph Leonard

    Stayed true to the Bucks and what did Giannis get? A title, Finals MVP, and a ring. Now the Giannis haters can at last shut up and know their place. Congrats Greek Freak you deserve it

  • Steve Bongcac
    Steve Bongcac

    Let's go bucks

  • Jon Riley
    Jon Riley

    Does anyone really care about the nba after June??

  • Otreb Anciano
    Otreb Anciano

    SUNS IN 4 ? LOL馃槀 SUNS IS LOSE馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • More Subbickbe Stuff
    More Subbickbe Stuff

    Congrats bucks!

  • Sainttan

    Bucks in 4

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown

    Giannis > kd superteams

  • XtremeXecutor

    The Greek Brothers would share the NBA championship. Kostas won NBA title with the Lakers last year, now Giannis and his greek brother teammate won it. Now that he's champion no one can stop him because of his bulky build, at this rate he is the real Titan of not only the NBA season and NBA playoffs but also the NBA finals too.

  • biggy biggy
    biggy biggy

    Booker better get rid of jenner

  • Rius Franco
    Rius Franco

    This might go unnoticed but I鈥檓 an up & coming Artist worth the listen 馃憘 馃帶

  • ananth krishnan
    ananth krishnan

    Giannis 17/19 for free throws... That's amazing on his most important night! Goes to show the commitment he has.

  • Yugam Gupta
    Yugam Gupta

    Can the bucks start a new dynasty just like the warriors did in 2015 where they won as some say because of injuries in the teams they faced that year?

  • 绱

    congratulations bucks

  • George Gianisis
    George Gianisis

    Congratulations. Good game 馃嚞馃嚪freak鉂わ笍

  • Just Me Being The Eboy Expert
    Just Me Being The Eboy Expert

    Finally, I get to see kostas is happy for his two brothers winning a championship and a ring for over a year

  • korean tv
    korean tv

    I'm not a fan of Bucks I'm fan of Suns.I was a little sad because the Phoenix suns lost but it was ok.And I can really say that Gianis is good at basketball馃弨.proud ako sa dalawang team Lalo na kay Dbook at gianis

  • Ryan Cosner
    Ryan Cosner

    Can鈥檛 wait to hear whatever skip bayless will say after that game by Giannis

  • fightnight14

    Crowder 0-2 in 2 straight finals. CP3 is 0-1 in his career

  • Junel Mar
    Junel Mar


  • Jason Pagaduan
    Jason Pagaduan

    First time in history three brothers have all become champions

  • sakidi

    Solid BUCKS since Game 3 馃憣馃憣馃憣

  • Micahel Kim Taparra
    Micahel Kim Taparra

    Imagine winning a ring without jumping to another team


    Greatest finals performance in recent history maybe ever! Job well G.馃憦馃憦

  • Respect  Begets Respect
    Respect Begets Respect

    This was a great showcase of talent from all teams that made the playoffs to MIL being the NBA Finals Champs! Next season will be epic with key players returning from injuries.

  • Rachel Graber
    Rachel Graber

    I was crying of happiness for Giannis. He deserves it almost more than anyone. Coming from a Warriors fan

  • harvey chua
    harvey chua

    Well deserved!馃挴馃憣馃敟馃檹馃檹馃檹馃挭

  • Sherard Shredz
    Sherard Shredz

    When you realize they beat them 4 times in a row

    • Cheyemos

      @Tyler Marsh yeah, kinda feels like last years Heat team.

    • Tyler Marsh
      Tyler Marsh

      Imagine suns doing terrible next season. I wouldnt be suprised

    • J

      Gentlemen鈥檚 Sweep 馃Ч

    • Vinmar Alturas
      Vinmar Alturas

      D鈥 Kendall Jenner effect LoL!!!

    • Jm Andan
      Jm Andan

      Suns in 4!!straight losing games 馃槀