Jae Crowder Game 6 Postgame Press Conference |

  • Angel Bank's Lopez
    Angel Bank's Lopez

    2 years in a row. Keep your head up next season. Sharpshooter you have improved. Blessings from Boston.



  • Pat Montana
    Pat Montana

    That's the look of having to do salsa after 2 straight loss finals 😂🕺🏿💯

  • Tracy Cottrill
    Tracy Cottrill

    I'm glad Bobby Portis done danced on this wack ass fool, had 2 Finals opportunities and flunked smh. Portis dance on him again😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • jj ang
    jj ang

    let go salsa now~@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • Simon Nwankwor
    Simon Nwankwor

    I will always remember that backhander from JR Smith that put him to sleep cold. Mr Tough Guy my behind!!!

  • EJ 59
    EJ 59

    Back to back finals losses in 6, I'm starting to think jae has the finals curse 💀

  • KL D
    KL D

    Jae crowder competed well. Props to him.

  • Richard Alain Butler
    Richard Alain Butler

    Y’all losers wish you could be in his position.

  • Kelvin Aigberaedion
    Kelvin Aigberaedion

    I confirmed a successful transfer of 12,000 thousand thanks Maskoffweb service this lockdown has not been bad after all

  • Pistache Coco
    Pistache Coco

    Jae where is daddy lebron ? 😂

  • Anthony Ali
    Anthony Ali


  • Jonathan Jung
    Jonathan Jung

    crowder is just a bigger version of pat bev

  • josh

    bum ass. hope u play in china next year. no nba team will reach to you anymore bum ass

  • The Dark Knight Racist
    The Dark Knight Racist

    guess how many rings i got ? same as you Jae ! 😂

  • Jamal Collins
    Jamal Collins

    Why is he getting a interview he only touches the ball 4-6 times a game

  • Nafi Azka
    Nafi Azka

    He miss two finals


    Bro is officially 0-7 in the finals damm his luck sucks all bucks players are 1-1 in finals 💀 we won the chip yall 🏆🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • loren zo
    loren zo

    Dude had many chances to humble himself but still chose to be cocky. He can now salsa to another team this coming offseason.

  • Fateh Fini
    Fateh Fini

    He’s not doing the salsa dance anymore lol

  • Mike Redd
    Mike Redd

    "If yall wanna go to the finals (and lose), then pick me up"

  • Captain Paka
    Captain Paka

    Hahahahaha pls cry rabbit

  • Bibby Mariano
    Bibby Mariano

    Jae clown can you do the Salsa dance now? 🤡🤡💃💃


    I told y'all Phoenix will neva win a championship 🤣😂🤣😂🖕

  • icecream jones
    icecream jones

    im glad he lost 2 years in a row 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Desired Silver1
    Desired Silver1

    Watch Jae get traded lol

  • Gilbert Ramirez
    Gilbert Ramirez

    Mr. And 1! Which team are U going to join next season? Jinx!

  • Troy Bolton
    Troy Bolton

    Suns need to get Pascal Siakam

  • My Kirbz
    My Kirbz

    The epic fight between PJ tucker vs Crowder just ended in awe! PJ wins!

    • Tracy Cottrill
      Tracy Cottrill

      Gotta do the Bobby Portis for this😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣



  • Kevin Ratzsch
    Kevin Ratzsch

    Bitter sweet. Great to be in finals and ups your stock..but sucks to lose as well.

  • RealTalk PH
    RealTalk PH

    unlucky jae crowder. twice at NBA finals

  • marcus smith
    marcus smith

    Jae, THE KING OF FLOP!! every single play this guy is acting!!

  • vishal karna
    vishal karna

    Jae now has all the time in world for salsa dancing and also flopping.

  • Waldo 55
    Waldo 55

    Hahaha fuck you Crowder you’re a flopping bum. You don’t deserve a ring :)

  • toluene21

    Flopping every-play, faking-injuries when flopping, ref-baiting & initiating all-contact will NEVER win a championship. Not Champion-mentality

  • Deon Spann
    Deon Spann

    The suns lost 4 games in a row

  • TY city
    TY city

    They celebrating in the background

  • OverTheHillSoccerDad

    As a Milwaukee fan and a Marquette fan who watched Jae as a college player, I love watching Jae. I truly hate him when he's playing against the Bucks, but that's only because he's a beast I wish was playing for us.

  • Cortez TTD
    Cortez TTD

    cp3 beyond meat lol

  • Daily Kicks
    Daily Kicks

    Man lost back to back finals…pain

  • lauserz

    lol he was gonna complain about officiating of course

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Good job Suns

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Good run Suns we will be back


    Happy this bum didn’t get a ring. #Salsaqueen👑

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat

    Do salsa now

  • Tray NG
    Tray NG

    Salsa dance yo ass to another finals lost Lml back to back for yo shitty ass

  • Mitchell Williams
    Mitchell Williams

    Who told this fool that he was a 3point shooter??? If he would have quit thinking that he's Curry then they may have had a chance..

  • Annie Jamison
    Annie Jamison

    He looks like Serena Williams


    Told you man, jae Crowder will never have a ring hehe

  • Jarel Golatt
    Jarel Golatt

    2 back to back finals losses for crowder...i know bro pissed 🤣

  • Mosai Rouff
    Mosai Rouff

    0:40 🤣😭

  • Demiray Koç
    Demiray Koç

    Lae Lrowder

  • FoeSkii

    Losing in the finals back 2 back lmao

  • Peter Gazer
    Peter Gazer


  • franz hugo
    franz hugo

    Hahaha now LBJ and Pat Bev is doing Salsa they are waiting for you to join crying baby hahahha

  • Navraj Dhaliwal
    Navraj Dhaliwal

    hahahahaha L jae crowder

  • Branden Rodriguez
    Branden Rodriguez

    Back to back finals loser XD

  • TBrc C
    TBrc C

    Happy crowder didn’t win a ring

  • hell no that aint cool
    hell no that aint cool

    Bad luck version of Patrick McCaw 😭

  • Malachi Ashes
    Malachi Ashes

    Y’all are idiots, i swear. Jae didn’t dance for NO reason. watch all the showboating in LA game 3 and you’ll see why he did it once the series was OVER.

  • Moku No Kami
    Moku No Kami

    won as many rings as LeBron this year

  • darkerthanblack

    Back to back final loser. Congrats on learning to salsa dance though... LOL

  • YED

    This dude is a professional finals loser now

  • smithsfan425

    As a Heat fan, I don’t feel as bad having lost him now. He was always inconsistent.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Ofcourse he blames the refs

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    I hate him so much and I respect him for it because his antics were part of them getting here

  • RetroTV1

    Watch Crowder get shipped off another team again lmaooo

  • Jawls Martin
    Jawls Martin

    Salsa salsa dancing😂 karma😂😂 fuck crowder forever loser

  • TheNewKG

    Torrey Craig chillen bro

  • Derrick Martinez
    Derrick Martinez

    Suns: Played Soft defense. No pressure or traps. No offensive plays or off ball movement... Horrible rebounding boxing out. Bad coaching and roster substitution. .. bucks were a bigger and better better team all around than the Suns..

  • Sammy Biruk
    Sammy Biruk

    Salsa has been on so many good teams and hasn’t won one championship 😂

  • Ali Fitness
    Ali Fitness

    2 years in a row

  • Diego Gallegos
    Diego Gallegos

    Smelly crowder took a fat L lebron cursed him 😂😂😂

  • James R
    James R

    Dude looks like he's bouta cry. I honestly can say I have a huge disdain for this man. Not the same person in this interview that plays like a real "tough guy" on the floor

  • James R
    James R

    So happy for the bucks. Fuck crowder, fake gangster ass. I hate that dude and his cocky persona. Proud of giannis. Feel bad for CP.

  • Coleman Gang
    Coleman Gang

    Jae Crowder wassup with all that smack talk on Lebron! Salsa like lebron now 💃

  • amadeus s
    amadeus s

    If he ever goin back to the finals again the coach should bench him. Lol

  • Judgedsafe195

    Crowder is the biggest flopper! He needs a trophy for flopping.

  • Rixx Kumar
    Rixx Kumar

    Bossman is 0-2 in the finals and so unlucky

  • Charles Hondonero
    Charles Hondonero

    Still dreaming bout lebron

  • Chandler Clan
    Chandler Clan

    Suns got next year though

    • Gerald Thompson
      Gerald Thompson

      Suns won't get this far again Lakers Nuggets, Warriors Clippers and Mavericks will be even better Suns ran wil be tougher next season just like the Bucks they won't he this far either

  • saz19s8

    This dude lost back to back finals on two different teams. That’s tuff

  • Evil LeBron
    Evil LeBron

    "Wheres that salsa?!?" - Evil LeBron

    • harborboi

      @Martin 300 you sound mad buddy 🤣🤣

    • Evil LeBron
      Evil LeBron

      @Martin 300 a person that dropped out of college and a person that never went to college end up at the same destination. He went farther....and lost. Lmao

    • Martin 300
      Martin 300


    • Martin 300
      Martin 300

      Farther than Kenton went😂

    • Kody Barrera
      Kody Barrera

      🤷‍♂️💀 was thinking same thing

  • Anthony Pearson
    Anthony Pearson

    Jae gone play for the bucks next season this dude play for some many times

  • Joseph Christoper Esteves
    Joseph Christoper Esteves

    Oh yeah. Dance salsa again in bench oF LA.

  • Showa Power
    Showa Power

    He took flopping to another level in this series, must’ve hanging around too much with Cp3

  • Drew Escobar
    Drew Escobar

    Jae Bummer

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    Salsa Jae 🤣

  • pulse1001

    Salsa dance now bitch...

  • Shasnie Moreno
    Shasnie Moreno

    Man lost two nba championship in a row

    • Gerald Thompson
      Gerald Thompson

      Yeah Jay didn't do much for his second to reach finals bad defense missed shots just like when he was with Miami

  • Shasnie Moreno
    Shasnie Moreno


  • Speedking_A1

    And that's what happens when u play against a healthy team y'all got all the passes, but not this one tho 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ha THA DON
    Ha THA DON

    He could of had two rings back to back different conferences would of been legendary

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco

    Dance now bitch

  • Gendel Oligo
    Gendel Oligo

    Salsa your way to cancun

  • tsk tsk
    tsk tsk

    At least he made that good pass to Ayton against the Clippers 😄

  • The truth shall set Bronsexuals free
    The truth shall set Bronsexuals free

    Man, God doesnt wanna see him win a chip

  • Zav The1
    Zav The1

    Salsa danced all the way to back to back finals loses one two different teams lol

  • denny ciut
    denny ciut

    2 time lose from the final . It's make me happy. LoL . Not because the buck win . Its because I wanna see ur face .