Khris Middleton Game 6 Postgame Press Conference |

  • Pitch Me Krazy with Angela B
    Pitch Me Krazy with Angela B

    Khris is a beast

  • Heavy Brand Podcast
    Heavy Brand Podcast

    Thanks for checking out my podcast


    What's amazing is he had clutch shots against every team in this post-season.... He's humble yet amazing man.... Definitely watching him closely than ever before.

  • Maurice Collins Sr.
    Maurice Collins Sr.

    Chris "mid-range " Middleton, he has some 3's also! I'm so so proud for you and happy for, great job my man!

  • Pew Pew Guru
    Pew Pew Guru

    Real deal

  • Bacon Lightsaber
    Bacon Lightsaber

    Fuck this annoying iPhone ad! I feel violated every time I have to sit through it

  • Alexander Gallant
    Alexander Gallant

    Hard Work Pays Off, Khris you played your Ass Off. Congratulations

  • Harlie Rentiquiano
    Harlie Rentiquiano

    His midrange shots are always beautiful to watch

  • Borombo Tojoki
    Borombo Tojoki

    Kuzma + Michael Jordan = Chris Middleton , Congratulations champ!!

  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan

    Give Middleton credit. Giannis is an absolute beast but without Middleton The Bucks wouldn't have won. He dropped 40 in the NBA Finals off Js.

  • Rodrick Thompson
    Rodrick Thompson

    The true definition of a veteran player skillwise. He lets the game come to him. He's experienced he know how to get a feel for the game. In game IQ is krazy. Booker is good as well but still has a lot of game growing to do.

  • KingShit

    Who the hell is talking while a champion is speaking ?

  • Joseph Luna
    Joseph Luna

    From rags to riches!

  • Joseph Luna
    Joseph Luna

    Respect to khris middleton he got it out the mud sticking with Giannis for several years and finally pulling through this year well deserved!

  • Tim Osman
    Tim Osman

    Look at the views on these post game press conferences on the OFFICIAL NBA ESonlines channel. Nobody gives a single damn the Bucks won the title 😂😂😂

  • Chai Yang
    Chai Yang

    He's pippen 2.0?

    • Chai Yang
      Chai Yang

      @Cameron McCollough I'm 55.....

    • Cameron McCollough
      Cameron McCollough

      Khris Middleton is a really nice player. I like his game a lot. He's no Scottie Pippen. If you didn't get to grow up watching Scottie Pippen play and appreciate his game. Do not comment on him.

  • Cojo Getem
    Cojo Getem

    Who tf is talking in the background!!!!!

  • Jason Reid
    Jason Reid

    Chucktown bound!!!

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo

    Khris Middleton was great in the playoff

  • 2K Tay
    2K Tay

    Carolina kid!!!!

  • Leon H
    Leon H

    ChuckTown AKA Charleston, SC STAND UP!!! We (South Carolina) are proud of you Khris!!!

    • Rodrick Thompson
      Rodrick Thompson

      Anderson, SC in the house. Just found out a few weeks ago he was an SC native

    • Jason Reid
      Jason Reid

      Yes sir!!🙌

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan

    Khris just kept working and here they are. These 3 are all great humans.

  • Brian Sutton
    Brian Sutton

    Something tells me despite how insanely good Middleton was in these playoffs and on the biggest stage he’ll still be the most underrated player in the NBA.

    • Nikhil Krishna
      Nikhil Krishna

      Manu vibes

  • Ian Goodridge
    Ian Goodridge

    Love to see homegrown guys win it all…. Refreshing 🔥🔥🔥

  • Leul Tsegaye
    Leul Tsegaye

    Now that I think about it, if there had not been a pandemic, the Bucks could've outpaced the 2015 - 16 Warriors for best regular season record of all time.

    • Josh Kutz
      Josh Kutz

      It would’ve been close. They was like 52-8, so they would’ve need to win every game to get there

  • R Badii
    R Badii

    Khris looks like a real Buck 🤣

  • Taye_Ra

    Mid range God

  • Ken K
    Ken K

    When you getting that pack at premium price. You need a middleton. Sniper extrodinare. Lets go.🔥

  • Water Seed
    Water Seed

    Mid range pull up crazy

  • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
    Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith

    I’m so happy for the Bucks and the city of Milwaukee as a whole. The Bucks built their Championship team the right way! I can’t wait for the day that this happens in Utah.

  • Tristan Tellez
    Tristan Tellez

    He carried the bucks in 2 game when giannis went down

  • luka obua
    luka obua

    This men really gave points when it counted 🔥🔥

  • pancon5

    Khris hit so many beautiful clutch shots in these playoffs!

  • Giannis Vds
    Giannis Vds

    Παλι βριζεις ρε Θαναση? χαχαχαα

  • J L
    J L


  • TheNewKG

    That boy be smoking bro

    • Miles

      He from Charleston South Carolina bro💯 Anybody who live here knows we are KNOWN for having Pro Athletes who smoked🤣🤣💯 for example: AJ Green🖤

  • Dark Brotherhood Initiate
    Dark Brotherhood Initiate

    Charles Barkley was right all along!

  • nbalegend51

    The fact that Middleton was a former G-League player, now an NBA Champion and a 2-time NBA All-Star is just amazing, he has been impressive dor the Bucks, respect for him as well

  • Michael Conradie
    Michael Conradie

    one Khris wins and remains chris loses and don't shake hands..keep believing

  • Meredith Clay
    Meredith Clay

    i’m glad the bucks won but khris shoulda got mvp

    • Ryan Peyer
      Ryan Peyer

      @Economy Of Thought I wasn't dragging him down. I'm talking the finals series, where he was otherworldly one night. Khris cake up clutch, as he has often throughout the playoffs, but to say he deserves the finals MVP is silly. I'm just calling out a nonsense statement.

    • Economy Of Thought
      Economy Of Thought

      @Ryan Peyer Middleton had more than 1 great performance. He was clutch every fourth quarter and made big shots ever close game. That being said Giannis is the clear MVP and deserved it. No reason to drag Middleton down to big up the freak.

    • Meredith Clay
      Meredith Clay

      @Ryan Peyer yea that might b tru but he was very clutch in the 4th qtr

    • Ryan Peyer
      Ryan Peyer

      I don't believe anyone who watched this series can say that with a straight face. Giannis was an absolute monster for 4 straight games. Middleton had one great performance and then played his role respectably the rest of the series.

  • Joe Ansuini
    Joe Ansuini

    Thank you Khris!!!!


    The closer

  • Efraín Jiménez
    Efraín Jiménez

    This post season made me a Middleton fan.

  • Tony Jabroni
    Tony Jabroni

    Middleton is a class act. I hope kids watch this man and learn how to become and carry themselves like a real solid pro.

    • Ibn Zuhr
      Ibn Zuhr

      The big three have a great demeanor. Very humble Joe Dumas-esque vibes. Well deserved champions.

    • George Karinski
      George Karinski

      And he is humble af

  • N Wilt
    N Wilt

    Kris is like Mr.Smith (black baller version) and Giannis is like Neo (the one) on the same team.

  • Ronnie Boyd
    Ronnie Boyd

    He had a pippen vibe to him. Like he’s somewhat ok with being the media or bucks sidekick but just wants the rings to go with it

  • mrnicewatch 88
    mrnicewatch 88

    You hear that Skip "it has to be about me" dickhead.

  • Ryo Fujiwara
    Ryo Fujiwara

    Detroit Pistons must be punching air right now for trading him.

  • tone starx
    tone starx

    Chris Paul is a douchebag and I’m glad he still ain’t gonna get a ring he really is an a hole and no one likes him bcuz he is like a little girl and it showed and bcuz of that karma has denied him a ring again💯

    • N Wilt
      N Wilt

      He's a good player when he balls, but I get sick of his flopping bs.

  • ian

    He gets durantish at times not gon lie

    • O


  • Gshock Music
    Gshock Music

    Most underrated SG/SF in the league imo

    • The Journey
      The Journey

      @Gshock Music you must not watch him then because he’s actually gotten way better and more efficient man averages 22 and 7 assists on basically 50% shooting and became a great playmaker that can setup other players like a mini lebron and he’s clutch in the regular season look up highlights (I know he still has to prove in playoffs tho) but he had a couple game winners every year with the spurs and was the leader of everyone in the nba in 4th quarter points tell me how espn rates a guy like that the 82nd best player in the nba it’s ridiculous that’s why I feel he’s the most underrated and the spurs were the 4th seed earlier in the year before injuries and then they missed alot of games with COVID and had to play a crazy amount of games back to back and the break messed up there Rhythm so he can also carry a team to a winning record he’s shown it

    • Gshock Music
      Gshock Music

      @The Journey as much as I love DeMar he is a little bit washed. I will say he did get fucked by getting shipped to San Antonio but still he's not where he used to be

    • The Journey
      The Journey

      That would be demar

  • Ngoc Minh Tri Giang
    Ngoc Minh Tri Giang

    It'll be pretty awkward when Khris and Jrues join Booker in the Olympics

    • King Storm718
      King Storm718

      @Kyle facts

    • Michel Sawadogo
      Michel Sawadogo

      @King Storm718 as booker also said

    • King Storm718
      King Storm718

      Its not personal

    • Economy Of Thought
      Economy Of Thought

      Only awkward if you make it awkward.

    • Kyle

      I doubt it. Basketball is just a game man. These players respect each other and move on

  • Easy Chili
    Easy Chili

    The abrasive leg substantially slow because wind orally extend beyond a meaty iran. useful, cowardly coat

    • Joseph Casais
      Joseph Casais

      Bro take your code words elsewhere

  • Tyson Brown jr.
    Tyson Brown jr.

    Now go get the gold

  • Parlay King Sports
    Parlay King Sports

    Thank u kris Middleton


    you know o Greek athlete is envolved when you hear " re malaka" in the interview

    • ioannis chalkiotis
      ioannis chalkiotis

      και γω το ακουσα στην αρχη !!

  • Mitchell Gant
    Mitchell Gant

    I bet Charles Barkley salty as hell last night

    • Jarvis Mitchell
      Jarvis Mitchell

      He still can’t win a ring even after being retired 😂😂😂

    • Mitchell Gant
      Mitchell Gant

      @Karan Odedra he used to play for the Phoenix Suns dude he bet a lot of money on them to win it all at the beginning of the NBA season back in December

    • Karan Odedra
      Karan Odedra

      @K R exactly lol, also, cudi is the greatest artist of all time

    • K R
      K R

      @Karan Odedra I’m guessing he means suns but Chuck had also been predicting a bucks chip the whole playoffs

    • Karan Odedra
      Karan Odedra

      @Mitchell Gant u just said Charles Barkley bet a bunch of money on them to win it all, bucks or suns???

  • Mitchell Gant
    Mitchell Gant

    The Phoenix Suns turned into ice and got melted by the Milwaukee Bucks

  • Mitchell Gant
    Mitchell Gant

    Chris Paul didn't stand a chance in the bloody pits of Hell of winning a championship

  • Mitchell Gant
    Mitchell Gant

    What happened to Chris Paul on the Phoenix Suns all of you Suns fans that we're guaranteeing they were going to win when they beat the Lakers the only reason they got past the Lakers is because Anthony Davis was injured and all of you know it

    • Mitchell Gant
      Mitchell Gant

      @N Wilt the Phoenix Suns choked harder than anyone I've ever seen in a lot of years in the NBA finals

    • N Wilt
      N Wilt

      Plus, Murray and Kawhi. Sure GIannis stepped on Kyrie and beat a somewhat unhealthy Nets, but the Phoenix Suns had break after break.

  • vox ymail
    vox ymail

    real fmvp

    • Patrick Krisko
      Patrick Krisko

      @Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children 🤣🤣🤣🤣 your name and comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • CANN


    • Jero

      Hell nah I love Khris but Giannis was crazy

    • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
      Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children


  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt

    Chucktown representing!!!!! Much Love from Beaufort, South Carolina!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • antho

    Didn’t have the best finals clinching game... but he put the icing on the cake with his 4th quarter shots. Respect

  • Pranav Manie
    Pranav Manie


  • francescogeo

    Without him will be no rings guys.. Hard work pays guys..

    • Tyler Lopes
      Tyler Lopes

      Man was the X factor for sure

  • Biggie Mexican
    Biggie Mexican

    Dog I don't even understand how someone could say he ain't good enough for a title, like bitch he is one of the most well rounded guards in the league.

    • Pitch Me Krazy with Angela B
      Pitch Me Krazy with Angela B

      lol right

  • iTsJuStDaN

    Middleton may be an inconsistent player, but when he turns it on he plays like MJ

    • Seth Villarreal
      Seth Villarreal

      @Jero kuz got more rings than booker as far as I know

    • Jero

      A day is MJ and then the next day Kyle Luzma ☠️

    • Spirit 101
      Spirit 101

      @Seth Villarreal yeah i mean if he's explosive

    • Seth Villarreal
      Seth Villarreal


    • Gshock Music
      Gshock Music

      If anything he plays Bradley Beal game better than Brad. And I'm a wizards fan

  • Je vous remercie
    Je vous remercie

    Top 5 shooting guard in the league

    • Zorloxen

      Small forward*

    • DatGuyisGood

      isn't Donte there normal shooting guard

    • N Wilt
      N Wilt

      @First Last He might not be purrty but he can ball out like an outlaw.

    • First Last
      First Last

      He's 1st team NBA ALL Ugly Team

    • mik3y

      Relax lmao

  • Samuel Zelalem
    Samuel Zelalem

    he deserves a champion

  • james salvador
    james salvador

    I absolutely love Khris

  • Anthony Katrdzhyan
    Anthony Katrdzhyan

    this man earned his respect ✊

    • Cesar Canete
      Cesar Canete

      You got that right. This playoff series made me really appreciate how truly great, how truly valuable & how truly underappreciated Khris Middleton is. Giannis gets all the glory & alot of ppl are praising him for his game clinching performance in the finals, but it was Khris Middleton that got them this far & back into the game. Middleton is the real MVP in my eyes. The man carried the Bucks this entire playoffs. Him being dominant & being hot in the last 2 - 3 mins of the 4th quarter is one of thee greatest things I've ever seen.

    • ahuntsic81

      Few playees i wore their jersey. Reggie, Michael, Kobe, Stockton, Payton, and now Middleton all guys put the work and not afraid to fail

  • Khris Middleteeth
    Khris Middleteeth

    Man what a beautiful set of teeth I got 😁😁😁

    • LaMere Cornelius
      LaMere Cornelius

      The internet is undefeated

    • Oscar Westbrook
      Oscar Westbrook

      Lol that shit hurts getting fixed bro .

    • Patrick Krisko
      Patrick Krisko


    • dtsavage1407

      Man Khris you made it me and my brother bernard watch the game last night we happy for you.

    • Kawhi-TheKing_Of_The_North-Leonard

      Bruhhh u really made an account

  • Fusionn

    Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on winning the 2021 NBA Finals. Congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo on winning the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. Well deserved!

    • Urmoms Thicc
      Urmoms Thicc

      Usa bball baby

  • HeyitsmeUzi


    • Dan2Jokes



      Yes toe

  • Rajkumar Raghuram
    Rajkumar Raghuram is an analysis on Game 6 of the 2021 NBA FINALS between the Bucks and the Suns

  • lol

    fun fact: khris (and giannis) won more games in this year's playoffs (16) than in their very first bucks season in the NBA (15)

    • Dorian Roy
      Dorian Roy

      @RS_75 AC why they talking bout his teeth

    • RS_75 AC
      RS_75 AC

      @Milrock 21 Be boring all your life, it is useful for a lot of people so shut the hell up

    • RS_75 AC
      RS_75 AC

      Unreal 🔥🔥😂

    • Milrock 21
      Milrock 21

      Nahhh really???? most useless info ever commented lmao

    • Sema'j James
      Sema'j James

      Major improvement

  • superxex1000


  • thelegendsqb1

    “Wannabe Michael Redd” - Flight

    • Deshaun Obama
      Deshaun Obama

      khris finally earned flight's respect

    • Goat Youngboy
      Goat Youngboy

      Never mention that clowns name

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A


    • Chris Carter
      Chris Carter

      Do you guys realize before lebrons injury he was 1 in mvp votes.... yall must be smoking some good stuff and if its not natural put it down !!!

    • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
      Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children


    • Gshock Music
      Gshock Music

      At this point in bron career I'm taking Middleton tbh

    • JP

      @X 1 huhhh?

    • X 1
      X 1

      Other way around bruh u trippin

  • LeBeautiful

    Khris a damn sniper! Probably has the most overlooked game as an all-star, I'm proud of him and the journey from start. And it ain't done yet!

    • Raphie Mate
      Raphie Mate

      His improvement every year has been amazing to see!

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange


  • Rius Franco
    Rius Franco

    This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & coming Artist worth the listen 🇵🇷

    • Creeping death
      Creeping death

      @BrooklYN id Iron you out in less than 30 seconds easily. You don’t even know how to throw a jab idiot.

    • Creeping death
      Creeping death

      @BrooklYN right like over the Internet you can see if I’m nervous. Your a bigger moron than I thought. And like I said, my address don’t matter you don’t even own a vehicle.

    • BrooklYN

      @Creeping death i asked for ya address.what u gettin nervous for

    • Creeping death
      Creeping death

      @BrooklYN als boxing club across from NMU Marquette MI. Not like your gonna do anything. You don’t even own a car.

    • BrooklYN

      @Creeping death wats your address?

  • Nur Fadhilah
    Nur Fadhilah


  • Christian M Lopez
    Christian M Lopez

    Ayeee 1